Vulkan Left Wrist Brace – Medium

Vulkan Wrist Brace – Medium – Left.

This left-hand version of the Vulkan Medium Wrist Brace is a helpful aid for people with arthritis or rheumatism, and for anyone who is rehabilitating after a wrist fracture or a similar injury. Designed to restrict movement and acts as a brace. Easy to put on, it has a removable internal splint made from aluminium, which gives added support, and its elasticated fabric is both supportive and comfortable against the skin also the skin coloured fabric allows the item to be a little more discreet. For sizing measure from elbow to knuckle of little finger.

Product Specification:

One Vulkan Wrist Brace Medium Left

Size: 16-19cm

Removable aluminium splint

Product Features

  • Limits movement
  • Suitable for those suffering from repetitive strains and rheumatic pain
  • Removable aluminium splint
  • Natural colour
  • Available in medium

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