Professional Sports Finger Splint Guard Protector for Adults & Children and Suitable for All Sports(Adustable,Silicone,2pcs)

Protection effect:

Fingers will not be straight back after the bend, to avoid finger sprain! Wear finger guard, you can continue to play, and can promote the recovery of fingers.
It is suitable for all fingers except the thumb, it can also protect the fingers of the first joint and the second joint at the same time!
The product uses the fulcrum support patent structure of the original can be bent freely, does not affect the finger movement, does not affect the shooting and dribbling
It can well fit the finger, two dimensions, can be well adapted to different thickness of the fingers.

Package: 2 sizes finger splints(1 pack = 2 pcs)

Material: silicone

Product Features

  • 2017 New Design,Silicone Material! Super Flexible, The Effect Is Very Good
  • Protects fingers,Long-lasting, durable,1 pack 2 sizes to fit adults and children
  • Works for all sports; safe and comfortable to wear; extremely lightweight,High-impact resistance and NO interference

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