WAOBE Finger Fracture Fixing Brace – Joint Dislocation Sprain Rehabilitator Orthopedic Comfort Breathable Elastic Cloth

Product Name: Finger fracture fixation
Product material: Breathable fabric+ Elastic fabric+Aluminum alloy support+Velcro
Product color: Black
Strengthen the finger-fixing protection cover, and the four fingers of the index finger, middle finger, little finger, and ring finger can be used to recover from fractures and dislocations.
Containing thicker and longer metal bar support, it can be fixed more firmly and protect the more intimate universal magic buckle. It can freely adjust the tightness and position. More comfy with a velcro at the palm of your hand.
Suitable for people:
A: Hammer finger
B: Refers to the section at the end of the strain, dislocation and fracture
C: Extensor tendon rupture
Product Merit:
A: protecting end bending upwards, the damaged knuckles are straight up, at the end of the support and fixed finger won’t work straight shape, protection and prevention of finger injury again.

Product Features

  • ■ The Finger Splint designed to help relieve finger pain and reduce swelling caused be sprains, jams, strains as well as arthritis. The finger splint adjusts to all finger sizes.
  • ■ FEATURES: The finger splint immobilize the DIP joint in order to allow the finger to heal in the correct position and reduces risk of future reinjury.
  • ■ The Finger Splint is made of plastic shaped as a well secure sleeve covering the tip of the finger including the last joint of the finger.
  • ■ The finger splint provides support against heat generating liniments or ointments. Protects, promotes healing quickly and finger injury recovery. Customized fit for better protection on finger injuries.
  • ■ Finger splint is injection moulded to high tolerance providing ultra smooth edge for patient comfort. The injury occurs when the tip of the finger has taken a hard impact forcing the tip of the finger down resulting in over stretch in the extensor ligament

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