RevoReach 09 120 4825 Xcel Long Reaching Aid/Litter Picker with Easy Grab Hand Grip – 81 cm/32 inch (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

The RevoReach Xcel is a well balanced, lightweight and robust reacher, developed to provide a secure and stable lift when picking up a wide variety of items. The ergonomically designed handle has a soft touch slip resistant trigger that allows all fingers to be used when operating, offering a more secure and comfortable grip. The 360 degrees revolving jaw adjusts in 30 degrees increments allowing objects to be picked up from a variety of positions.

Product Features

  • RevoReach reachers are ideal for grabbing items that are out of reach around the home in the garden or for picking up litter – especially useful if you have limited mobility or difficulty bending down
  • Ideal for extending your reach so that you can grab items in hard to reach places such as under beds, down the side of or on top of cupboards
  • The slip resistant rubber lined jaws have finger print style indents to provide a strong, secure grip and rotate and lock in place allowing you to grab objects quickly and easily from a variety of angles
  • The chunky handle is designed to allow you to use a power grip using the whole hand and reduce strain on your fingers, ideal for anyone who has arthritis or difficulty gripping
  • The shaft is elliptical with a matte coated finish so that it is easy to grip when using your second hand to support the grabber while you move an object

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Homecraft AA8058W Handi-Reacher Long Arm Reaching Aid/Litter Picker – 90 cm/36 inch

The lightweight Handy Reacher is an ideal grabber tool for extending you reach so that you can pick up hard to reach objects and can also be used for tasks such as litter picking. The reaching aid is available in three lengths and has rubber lined jaws to ensure a good grip on items that are picked up.

The handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip and is large enough to allow you to use all four fingers when squeezing the trigger. The trigger only needs to move a small distance to close the claws at the end of the reaching tool making it ideal for anyone arthritic fingers or limited grip strength by allowing use of the power grip.

The Handy Reacher is particularly useful for anyone who suffers with back or hip pain and has difficulty bending down to reach for or pick up items off the floor. Reaching Aids can also be very useful devices for anyone who has recently had a hip replacement for example and has limited mobility.

The Homecraft Handy Reacher can also be used as a general long reach grabber around the home to help pick up items in difficult to reach areas such as high cupboards, or in the garden, to reduce the risk of back strain from frequent bending to pick up items – such as picking up litter, leaves etc…

Instructions for use

Point the reacher to the object you want, squeeze the trigger to the jaws, clutch and, place where you require it. The head rotates to pick up at different angles, a magnetic tip can easily collect pins etc…

Product Features

  • Homecraft lightweight and robust long handled reacher is designed to help those with restricted reach or mobility problems
  • Easy to use grabbing tool can be used to pick up items from the floor or hard to reach places either outside in the garden or in the home
  • The grabber features a moving head, with rubber lined jaws for grip, which rotates 360 degrees to eliminate the need to twist the wrist, helping to reduce wrist strain when picking up items at varying angles
  • The easy to grip handle allows you to use all four fingers to squeeze the trigger reducing strain on the fingers making it ideal if you have a weak grip or suffer with arthritis
  • The handy reacher also features a magnet for picking up small metal items such as pins, needles paperclips and keys, and a dressing hook allows the reacher to be used as a dressing aid

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