Finger Sleeve Protector, Diealles Basketball Flexible Finger Sleeves Finger Guard Support for Finger Protection – Black(10 pack)

Features Give you thumb of good protection,especially for Volleyball Basketball Players . Stops your finger being so sore,in the cold you will need these. High quality,soft and comfortable to wear. Stretch fit, won’t slip off even when fingers are active. Elasticity,fit almost people’s size. perfect for anyone who has recovering/recurring broken or painful fingers and plays a hand-intensive sport. Specifications Material : Nylon+Cotton Size: One Size Fit All Weight: 18g Package Contents 10 x Finger Protector Sleeve Warrantly The product includes a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee & 3-Month Replacement Warranty.Any problem,please contact us FIRST.

Product Features

  • Made of cotton and elastic fabric,comfortable to wear
  • High elasticity,one size fit any adult,even the small finger
  • Protect your fingers and thumb from injury when you playing sports
  • Great idea for different areas of the hand that suffer with aches and pains
  • Suitable for both men and women

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Fitted Wrist Brace Support by Kurtzy – 2 Pack Adjustable Medical Athletic Braces – Supports Arthritis, Thumb, Weight Lifting, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis for Right and Left Hand – Good for Men & Women

Kurtzy Fitted Wrist Brace Support
Relieve pain and swelling while maintaining full range of movement of thumb and fingers at all necessary times; even at night and whilst you are asleep.

Whats Included:
– 2 x Wrist Braces.

– Measures 17cm (6.6 inches) in height and 33cm (13 inches) in width

Product Features

  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: When laid out flat, this brace measures 17cm (6.6 inches) in height and 33cm (13 inches) in width. However, this brace is adjustable with Velcro fasteners to fit your wrist perfectly and comfortably.
  • PROTECT & STABILIZE: These wrist braces protect your wrist and provide targeted compression, warmth and stability which relieves pressure and pain during & after workout and training. With our braces, you are safe and protected.
  • WEARABLE ALWAYS: These braces are extremely flexible. They speed up recovery of injuries, providing pain relief always. This includes night times & when sleeping. With these wrist protectors, you can keep your wrists safe always.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND UNRESTRICTIVE: We want you to feel very comfortable which is why our wrist supports are designed to be lightweight yet effective. The metal bar for extra support is encased in a faux leather covering for all day to day wear and tear.
  • LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so very confident that these wrist braces will serve and support your wrists. However, if you for any reason are not satisfied with your braces, we will give you your money back.

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Pack of 3 Hand Strengthening Stress Relief Therapy Balls – Eleoption Reusable Friendly Hand Finger / Grip / Strengthen / Therapy Stress Egg Balls [Soft & Medium & Firm], Resistance Exercise Squeeze Eggs

Quantity: 3pcs packed
Material: thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
Color: yellow, blue, red
3 Resistance levels: Yellow (Soft), Red (Medium), Blue (Firm)
Size: 6.3 × 4.5cm / 2.5″ x 1.75″(D x H)

How to Use
Place egg between the thumb and index finger → Squeeze together → Hold and relax → Repeat

Place egg in the palm of the hand with only one finger pressed into the egg → Hold and relax → Repeat → Switch the finger one by one → Repeat

Place egg between any two fingers → Squeeze the two fingers together → Hold and relax → Repeat

(Wrist Down)Grip egg in palm → Turn hand out so it faces up → Squeeze the egg with your palm → Hold and relax → Repeat

Place egg on a table → Put tips of the fingers on the egg → Roll the egg outward on the table → Repeat

Place egg in the palm of the hand → Keep between thumb and finger being exercised → Squeeze thumb and finger together → Hold and relax hand → Repeat

Place egg between two fingers → Squeeze the two fingers together and squeeze the thumb slowly → Repeat → Try not to drop the egg

Place egg in the palm of the hand with fingers pressed into the egg → Push fingers into the egg as if you are bending your fingers → Hold and then relax → Repeat

Package includes:
3 x Therapy Stress Eggs Balls

Product Features

  • Stress balls treat more than just anxiety, they are also effective physical therapy tools for relieving pain
  • Quality – The Hand Balls are made of silicone gel with an ergonomic design. These stress relief balls will keep their original shape after being gripped, squeezed or tossed. Blister packaging for easy storage and travel
  • Package: Package includes 3 therapy grip balls from soft, medium to firm.Comes with 3 different degree of resistance work up to your desired comfort ( yellow is the softest, red is medium, and blue is the most firm ), can be repeatedly compressed without losing its shape., for your specific needs and personalized progression
  • Good Training for strengthen your grip, hand, fingers, forearm – In any kind of resistance training in cases of injury, will help rebuild muscle tone and strength. You can progressively increase resistance level, or even squeeze 2 therapy balls at once
  • Effective in the treatment and relief of carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, and RSI / Repetitive Strain Injury, ideal for injury prevention and recovery post injury

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Finger and Toe Cold Gel Ice Pack, by Penguin Fingers.Compression Cold Pack for Fingers and Toes, Arthritis, Gout, Injuries. Cryotherapy Sleeve. Best Prices (Double Packs)


Our revolutionary patent pending mega soft, super stretchy material provides an even comfortable cool compression for fingers and toes of all sizes

-Insert Fingers or Toes for Immediate and Lasting Relief

-Patent Pending, Ultra Flexible Design

-One Size Fits All, Non-Toxic, and Latex Free (Contains no: PVC, BPA/BPS, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, PFCs, DEGMEs, EGBEs, DEHPs, or Dioxins)

-Compresses the injured area unlike any other cold compress sleeve out there

-Can be used to treat many sorts of finger and toe injuries

-Cold compression has been proven effective for treating


Carpal Tunnel

Finger Sprains


Jammed or Stubbed Fingers and Toes



Trigger Finger

Painters Finger

Sporting injuries from, From Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Climbing, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Wrestling, Dance, Gaming and more

Plain Old, Sore, Swollen and Stiff Fingers from Working Hard!

Product Features

  • COLD PACK FOR THE FINGERS AND TOES, Finger and Toe Gel Pack Compression Therapy Sleeve-(2 Pieces in Every Box)
  • PATENT PENDING, ULTRA FLEXIBLE, One Size Fits All, Non-Toxic, Latex Free (Contains no: PVC, BPA/BPS, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, PFCs, DEGMEs, EGBEs, DEHPs, or Dioxins)
  • GREAT for DRUG FREE RELIEF from Arthritis, Gout, Carpal Tunnel, Sprains, Mild Burns as well as Sporting Injuries from Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Climbing, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Wrestling, Dance, Gaming, Sore Swollen Aching Finger Joints from Everyday Hard Work
  • INSERT FINGER OR TOE for Immediate and Lasting Relief, Cools and Compresses Only Where You Need It!
  • NO NEED TO FREEZE Hands, Feet or Fingertips to Ice and Compress Sore Aching Fingers and Toes and No More Being Stuck On The Couch!

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✅ TITAN PICKPROOF 4-Dial TSA Approved Combination Padlock for Luggage Suitcases and Travel – Heavy Duty – By OW Travel – Flight Accessories for Suitcase, Baggage, Bag, Backpack, Rucksack, Gym Locker (2 Pack, Black)

✅ The MOST SECURE TSA Combination Padlock for Luggage, Suitcases & Travel We Could Design – Crafted from Robust Zinc Alloy – 10,000 combinations

It’s no wonder customers say, “All you have to do is pick up OW Travel’s Suitcase Lock and use it one time to understand the difference.” Unlike ‘metal coated’ plastic padlocks, OW Travels combination lock for luggage:
✓ Easily & Quickly Sets & Resets – As many times as you wish, in 4 Easy-to-Remember Steps
✓ A Code Busy Brains Can Remember – 4 Digits
✓ TSA Accepted & Recognized – Never worry about TSA ripping into the side of your suitcase or cutting out your luggage zipper again, because this combination lock “Special Key Compliant”, allowing the TSA agent to unlock & inspect your belongings (100% legally, even without your permission in countries like the USA).


✅More than affordable, these combination locks are practical and versatile, with a compact design that keeps criminals and curious fingers out of your luggage, suitcase, gym locker, laptop case, cruise ship luggage, airline carryon bags, duffle bags, daypacks, backpacks, diaper bags, gym bags, camera bags, golf bags, ski equipment, digital music player electronics bags, cabinets, storage lockers, briefcases -and even to prevent children from accessing a gun locker. Parents and international travelers place that much trust in our 4 dial combination locks.

LIFETIME WARRANTY & 30 Day Peace of Mind Money-Back Guarantee

✅Add OW Travel’s TITAN PICKPROOF 4-Dial TSA Approved Combination Padlock for Luggage Suitcases and Travel to your cart now. Try it for 30 days. Love it, or your money back. And if it ever breaks due to defects in material & workmanship, simply write us and we’ll replace it – for life.

Product Features

  • ✅ THE MOST SECURE TRAVEL LUGGAGE LOCKS – DOUBLE YOUR SECURITY: Unlike ‘copycat’ Combination Padlocks – that leave you with a false sense of security & vulnerable items – OW Travels padlock is crafted from the most Robust Zinc Alloy – making it near IMPOSSIBLE TO CUT THROUGH OR CRACK using regular tools – even if you’re McGyver. Plus the 4 DIAL COMBINATION padlock allows you to create over 10,000 combinations, so GUESSING your combination becomes HUMANELY IMPOSSIBLE.
  • ✅ 100% TSA APPROVED, ACCEPTED & RECOGNIZED LUGGAGE LOCK – SPECIAL KEY COMPLIANT – Never Arrive with Destroyed Luggage Again: Most countries now have the RIGHT to OPEN & INSPECT your content – even if that means SLASHING through the side of your luggage or bag. Especially in the USA. OW Travel’s TITAN has ensured your travel gear can be opened by ALL TSA Operators, deterring them from damaging your luggage in an effort to inspect contents and saving you £100’s in damages.
  • ✅ BIGGER NUMBERS – EASY MOVE DIALS (Arthritis Friendly) – QUICKLY RESET PASS CODE in 4 Easy-to-Remember STEPS: No one wants to waste time figuring out how to set a lock, or fidgeting with dials when it’s time to fly, so we’ve designed the TITAN with easily moveable dials, big numbers, and SIMPLE 3 STEPINSTRUCTIONS even an 8 year old can follow – so you can see & set your padlock faster, as many times as you’d like in fact – even in dim airport terminals.
  • ✅ WON’T JAM – RELIABLE – DURABLE – LIGHTWEIGHT – LONG LASTING LUGGAGE LOCK: Lightweight at just 72 grams, and compact in size, customers say this combination luggage lock has a STURDYNESS you can FEEL the moment you pick it up. And because you can reset it without jamming, as many times as you’d like, you can rest assured that this must-have travel accessory will keep your items tucked safely inside your luggage day and night.
  • ✅ REAL DEAL 4 DIAL COMBINATION PADLOCK – LIFETIME WARRANTY – 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: With a GREATER PERCENTAGE of 5-STAR RATINGS than any other travel accessories company, it’s easy to see why customers say “OW Travel Creates Products that LAST”. When you add it to your cart and get it home, we know you’ll appreciate how smoothly the dials turn and securely the lock clicks & stays shut – or email us within 30 days and we’ll make it right by providing a FULL REFUND – no questions asked.

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Animology Hip Joint and Flex Supplement Capsules, Pack of 60

Animology Hip Joint & Flex Tabs 60

Product Features

  • Flexibility care
  • Joint health support
  • Hip mobility maintenance
  • Connective tissue nutrition
  • Superior advanced formulation

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3 Pack Jar Opener, AIFUDA Rubber Grip Skid-Proof Bottle Can Lid Opener for Arthritis Seniors Small Strength and Weak Hands – (Red, Green, Blue)

Expertly designed to be handled by the most pained hands, these kitchen gadgets feature a rubber, non-slip grip that revolutionize preparing food, cooking and snacking for the elderly and arthritis sufferers.

Durable design with long Life.

Ergonomic design offers firm grip between opener and lid/hand.

Slim and Sleek design occupies minimal storage space in your kitchen.

Material: Food Grade polypropylene (PP) and rubber
Color: Red & Green & Blue

Packing list:
1x Red Jar and Bottle Opener
1x Green Jar and Bottle Opener
1x Blue Jar and Bottle Opener

Product Features

  • 4 SIZES: This anti-skid jar openers are available to open 4 sizes of jar lids, more convenient to your daily life.
  • EASY TO OPEN: The rubber lining provides a firm grip on the lids and the indentations, PP surface provides for a firm, non-slip grip between the hand and the opener. Both make the opening process frustration-free and smoother.
  • HELPER FOR WEAK HANDS: Easy and effortless enough to be used by kids, women, elders and people with arthritis. Unlike spring operated adjustable size lid openers, no risk of hurting your fingers
  • SAFE TO USE: Our Jar lid openers are made up of food grade polypropylene (PP) and rubber which are safe for use in your kitchen.
  • DISHWASHER FRIENDLY: Easy to clean and store, safe to put in the dishwasher.

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Welnove Toe Tubes Single-sided Gel Toe Caps Fabric Sleeve with gel lining for Corns, Blisters Pack of 2(medium)

Single-sided desine
This section of the toe tubes is specially the development of women’s shoes for the summer grind feet, some customer respond to the whole plastic toe tubes are air-tight, so we develop new single-sided now, you just put the silicone side of the face in the toes above the line , And it can be very good to protect your toes and breathable comfortable.

The inner layer is made of 100% high-quality medical gel, which is soft and comfortable, can better prevent toe deformities, relieve pain, reduce friction between the toes and prevent the injury caused by walk and exercise.

Product Features

  • SIZE:One size fit most people
  • MULTI-PURPISE:Not only can be worn on the toes, but also applies to the fingers
  • MATERIAL:It is made of soft and comfortable silicone,flexible and durable fiber
  • CUTTABLE:The product length is 8 inches and can be cut several parts until the size is right for you and used many times
  • FUNCTION:Fast and effective relief from sports injury, bunions, corns, arthritis, calluses, hammer toe, hallux rigidus, gout, etc

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AcuLife Finger Splints – Pack of 3 Splints


Product Features

  • Contains 3 Splints For All Finger Sizes
  • Protects And Promotes Healing
  • Sturdy Aluminum Design With Comfortable Foam Insert
  • Ideal For Breaks, Cuts, Dislocations, Sprains, Bruises And Scrapes.
  • The Small Splint Included Can Be Used For Tiny Fingers

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3 PACK Multiple Resistance Therapy Exercise Gel Squeeze Balls for Hand Finger Wrist Muscles Arthritis Grip Exerciser Strengthening

A couple of weeks of exercising twice a day, the difference will be amazing.
Best way to cure arthritis pain is exercising the joint rather than taking constant pain killers.
Ideal training product for rock climbing, bodybuilding, golf, tennis, squash, racquetball as well as piano, guitar and other musical instruments.

Product Features

  • Assist recovery post injury. Relieve stress.
  • Office health product for computer keyboard worker.
  • Hand Therapy Balls: Grip exercise ,training finger hand and wrist muscles.
  • 3 balls in different color are different Resistance levels . Multi-step exercise from soft to harder
  • Improving grip strength, hand endurance, dexterity, muscular tone and fine and gross motor skills.

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