Copper Arthritis Support Compression Gloves – Cuprix – Copper infused soft bamboo for warmth, support, recovery & compression – Support/Brace/Wrap (Medium)


With conductive copper and bamboo thread carefully knitted into the fabric, the ultra-comfortable Cuprix Compression Gloves provide targeted joint support and arthritic pain relief. Warming and soothing, these high-quality copper gloves feature breathable, luxury materials, specially designed to provide relief from stiff, aching joints caused by arthritis or injury.


These quick-heating copper support gloves retain localised warmth to ease joint discomfort, making it an ideal arthritis aid for hand, wrist, finger and palm pain, as well as for RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome. Firm, elastic compression encourages healthy blood flow to the affected region – helping to alleviate tension while supporting joint pain management and recovery.


Wear on one or both hands: it’s up to you. Reusable and machine washable, these innovative copper socks are suitable for everyday joint support and all types of exercise, and retain their vibrant colour and distinct shape wash after wash.

Care Notes:

  • Occasionally place your Cuprix Compression Gloves in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours to refresh the fibres
  • Machine wash at 30 degrees and lay flat to dry
  • This support product is not designed for children
  • If you are pregnant or suffer from circulation problems, diabetes or wear a pacemaker, please consult your GP prior to purchase
  • If you experience any discomfort, cease use immediately

Product Features

  • STYLISH COMPRESSION GLOVES: Featuring warming copper and bamboo charcoal, these premium-quality compression gloves provide targeted hand, finger, wrist and palm support while aiding in pain management
  • ARTHRITIS SUPPORT: Specially designed to provide tension relief from stiff, arthritic or injured joints, rsi and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • COPPER INFUSED COMPRESSION: Heat-retaining copper generates localised warmth, easing discomfort and arthritic pain while encouraging healthy blood flow for joint and muscle recovery
  • EVERYDAY SUPPORT: Ideal for everyday wear, these soft and comfortable copper gloves for women and men are constructed from breathable, lightweight materials perfect for daily joint support

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Pack of 3 Hand Strengthening Stress Relief Therapy Balls – Eleoption Reusable Friendly Hand Finger / Grip / Strengthen / Therapy Stress Egg Balls [Soft & Medium & Firm], Resistance Exercise Squeeze Eggs

Quantity: 3pcs packed
Material: thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
Color: yellow, blue, red
3 Resistance levels: Yellow (Soft), Red (Medium), Blue (Firm)
Size: 6.3 × 4.5cm / 2.5″ x 1.75″(D x H)

How to Use
Place egg between the thumb and index finger → Squeeze together → Hold and relax → Repeat

Place egg in the palm of the hand with only one finger pressed into the egg → Hold and relax → Repeat → Switch the finger one by one → Repeat

Place egg between any two fingers → Squeeze the two fingers together → Hold and relax → Repeat

(Wrist Down)Grip egg in palm → Turn hand out so it faces up → Squeeze the egg with your palm → Hold and relax → Repeat

Place egg on a table → Put tips of the fingers on the egg → Roll the egg outward on the table → Repeat

Place egg in the palm of the hand → Keep between thumb and finger being exercised → Squeeze thumb and finger together → Hold and relax hand → Repeat

Place egg between two fingers → Squeeze the two fingers together and squeeze the thumb slowly → Repeat → Try not to drop the egg

Place egg in the palm of the hand with fingers pressed into the egg → Push fingers into the egg as if you are bending your fingers → Hold and then relax → Repeat

Package includes:
3 x Therapy Stress Eggs Balls

Product Features

  • Stress balls treat more than just anxiety, they are also effective physical therapy tools for relieving pain
  • Quality – The Hand Balls are made of silicone gel with an ergonomic design. These stress relief balls will keep their original shape after being gripped, squeezed or tossed. Blister packaging for easy storage and travel
  • Package: Package includes 3 therapy grip balls from soft, medium to firm.Comes with 3 different degree of resistance work up to your desired comfort ( yellow is the softest, red is medium, and blue is the most firm ), can be repeatedly compressed without losing its shape., for your specific needs and personalized progression
  • Good Training for strengthen your grip, hand, fingers, forearm – In any kind of resistance training in cases of injury, will help rebuild muscle tone and strength. You can progressively increase resistance level, or even squeeze 2 therapy balls at once
  • Effective in the treatment and relief of carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, and RSI / Repetitive Strain Injury, ideal for injury prevention and recovery post injury

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Solace Care Finger Immobilising Splint with soft foam – Ideal for Broken / Fractured Finger or Thumb, Arthritis – Trigger Finger – Frog Mallet Finger Splint – DIP Joint Protection injury pain Foam Brace (For Men & Women) (PAIR OFFER) (MEDIUM)

Solace Care Toad Finger Splint

The toad finger splint is useful for Immobilize sprained finger, mallet finger, volar plate injury as well as stable finger fractures. The toad finger splint stabilize the phalange joints in position.

What is the Solace Care Toad Finger Splint?

The toad finger splint has a mouldable foam design to ensure it can be individually shaped to provide enhanced support and comfort whilst the finger naturally heals.

How does the Solace Care Toad Finger Splint?

The toad finger splint helps finger immobilise comfortably in extension, so that the finger is rested in best position. The finger splint prevent from flexion contracture which can delay finger mobility later down the healing process.

Always recommended to consult your medical physician if you suffer from any medical conditions before using any relief products.

Product Features

✓ Made of malleable aluminum with foam padding

✓ Easy application and removal

✓ Available in three sizes S, M and L.

✓ Retains heat to relieve finger pain.


✓ SMALL: ——– 5.4 cm

✓ MEDIUM: —– 7.0 cm

✓ LARGE: ——– 9.5 cm

Suitable for both left and right hand fingers.

Designed in UK made in Taiwan

Product Features

  • WHAT IS THE SOLACE CARE TOAD FINGER SPLINT? The toad finger splint is deal for Broken, Fractured Finger or Thumb, Arthritis, Trigger Finger, Mallet Finger, Post Op, Immobilise the Distal Interphalangeal Joint. The toad finger brace (Frog) made from malleable aluminium with soft breathable foam to add comfort to finger injury.
  • HOW WILL THE SOLACE CARE TOAD FINGER SPLINT HELP YOU? The toad finger splint can be adjusted to desired position to fit any finger or thumb. The toad finger splint is made for intended to be kept on protection and immobilisation to enhance healing.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: The ttoad finger splint provides compressive support to unstable finger injuries and provides immobilization of the injured finger. Suitable for use all day and night for around the clock relief.
  • FEATURES: The Mallet Finger is most commonly known as Basketball Finger.The toad finger uses for treatment of injured finger to immobilise the tip of the affected finger in a special splint. The biggest advantage of this finger splint is that it maintains interphalangeal joints in correct position.
  • IDEAL FOR: The toad finger splint can shaped according to your fingers anatomy. The splint is made of malleable Aluminium that allows to shape it into a secure sleeve covering the tip of injured finger including the last joint of the finger.

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Arthritis Gloves Women Men for RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Rheumatiod, Tendonitis, Fingerless Hand Thumb Compression Gloves Small Medium Large XL for Pain Relief by Duerer (Gray, Medium)

Duerer’s Compression Gloves for Arthritis.

Duerer’s compression gloves is great for people who suffer from RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Rheumatiod, Tendonitis. It will realese your hands, enjoy your housework like knitting, gardening, cooking, and anything you like. Get it and enjoy your life.

Material: Cotton,  Polyester, Spandex


Gentle Compression to Relief Your Finger and Hands Pain;

Open Finger Design  Release Your Hands to perform everyday tasks like knitting,computer typing, gardening, cooking;

Lightweight and Soft Fabric Ensure Superior Comfort and Mobility.

Sizing: small for 2.2″ to 2.6″; medium for 26″ to 3.15″; Large for 3.15″-3.50″; X Large for 3.5″ to 3.94″.

For best fit, see sizing chart in the images above for the correct size.

100% Money Back Guarantee: We promised for 60 days grarantee unconditionally, just order without doubt.

Product Features

  • 4 Size to Get Comfortable Fit: We support 4 sizes to make a choose, just see our chart for sizing recommendations.
  • Gentle Compression to Relief Your Finger and Hands Pain: The elastic cotton material give your hands gentle compression, accelerate rehabilitation of your hands and finger.
  • Open Finger Design Release Your Hands to perform everyday tasks like knitting, computer typing, gardening, cooking.
  • Lightweight and Soft Fabric Ensure Superior Comfort and Mobility, effective for Arthritis RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, thumb stiffness, muscle fatigue.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: We promised for 60 days grarantee unconditionally, just order without doubt.

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Arthritis Compression Gloves Men Women Relieve Pain from Rheumatoid, RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Hand Gloves Fingerless for Computer Typing and Dailywork, Support for Hands and Joints by DISUPPO (Black, Medium)

Product Features

  • Open Finger Design allow you to touch and grip freely, thanks to the holes in each fingertip.
  • Mild Compression And Warmth not only help control and decrease swelling of the joints, but also increase oxygen blood flow to the muscles.
  • High Quality Fabric: cotton-spandex blend ensure the high breathability and elasticity, and keep your hands always dry.
  • Enjoy Your Life All Day and Night: it allow you do daily tasks freely like gardening writing and computer typing.
  • Our Guarantee: 90 Days guarantee for our unconditional refund. Order now without doubt.

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Sammons Preston Therapy Putty for Physical Therapeutic Hand Exercises, Flexible Putty for Finger and Hand Recovery and Rehabilitation, Strength Training, Occupational Therapy, 4 Ounce, Medium, Green

Product Features

  • Pliable therapy putty comes in easily-identifiable color coded progression system, medium difficulty green putty is the fourth of six resistance levels and provides a greater challenge than tan, yellow, or red therapy putty
  • Hassle-free, robust putty doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness on the skin, maintains consistency, and conforms to your hand when squeezed, stretched, twisted, or pinched
  • Four ounce containers provide enough putty for theraputic hand exercises for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and hand strength and flexibility
  • Soft clay-like putty can be used for hand, finger, feet, and toe muscle strengthening exercises during physical therapy for arthritis, pre-surgery, and post-surgery recovery
  • Bleed proof, non-toxic, clean, and non-oily, safe for use in clinics and rehabilitation centers

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StringyBall Stress Ball on a String – Perfect For Stress Relief, Hand Exercise, Strengthening, Rehabilitation – Medium Density Ball with Exercise Guide – No Falling or Rolling Away (Medium – Green)

StringyBall is a patent pending squeeze ball on a string designed to stay attached to your wrist or palm to make exercising easier and a pleasant experience. The main advantage of securing the ball is that it will not fall or roll away when doing exercises or during breaks. It also allows the user to do more complicated exercise maneuvers because of the certainty that the squeeze ball will not free itself. Just like conventional stress balls, StringyBall provides the same benefits with added value of convenience. The squeeze balls can be used for: Rehabilitation: Hand strengthening exercises and hands rehabilitation. Stress reduction: Stress balls are perfect for relieving stress which helps to alleviate tension and stress. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in the fingers or hand can be managed by rolling exercises. Stroke recovery: Squeeze balls helps with hand movement exercises to recover from after a stroke and regain fine motor skills. Grip strength: Squeezing exercise using StringyBall helps with improving grip strength and forearm toning. Arthritis pain management: Exercise routine that uses stress balls for arthritic hands can reduce the pain of arthritis. Improve circulation: Repetitive squeezing exercises using stress balls can help with improving blood circulation in hand. StringyBalls are manufactured using the highest quality materials and are designed to last long periods of repetitive use. A significant advantage of the stress ball on a string is the fact that it can be used while traveling, walking or just watching TV, without the fear of the ball falling and rolling away.

Product Features

  • MEDIUM DENSITY STRESS BALL – The median level of the three densities for people requiring an average level of resistance
  • For ADULTS and KIDS with Stress, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, OCD, Autism, High Anxiety levels, Arthritis, and who need Stress Reduction, Rehabilitation, Stroke Recovery, Muscle Memory, Finger, Grip Strength
  • MAKE EXERCISING EASIER – Squeeze ball attached to a flexible cord with an adjustable fastener that can be slipped and worn on the wrist or palm. We will also email you a 16 PAGE EXERCISE GUIDE with detail pictures, exercise training steps and links to 12 VIDEO EXERCISE DEMOS
  • USE IT ANYWHERE, while walking, traveling (car, airplane, bus), in office, school, watching TV or any place you want to exercise, WITHOUT WORRY about the ball falling and rolling away
  • DURABLE and SAFE to use – The squeeze balls are manufactured using 100% 1st-grade Thermoplastic Rubber; they are Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, BPA-free, Phthalates-free, Latex-free, and Odor-free – WASHABLE and LONG LASTING

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CopperJoint Arthritis Gloves #1 Copper Infused Compression – GUARANTEED To Speed Up Recovery & Relieve Symptoms of Arthritis, RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis & More – Men & Women – 1 Pair – Medium

Choose Your Size Now and Click on the Yellow “Add to Cart” button above, or check out the offers on our other Copper Infused products by clicking on the grey “Special offers for this item” button also above.

Our Arthritis Gloves are designed to help relieve aches, pain and stiffness associated with arthritis of the hands, repetitive strain injuries, tendonitis, neuropathy, or strained ligaments in hands.
Soft gloves can be worn during the day when performing daily tasks, and at night when you are sleeping, with comfort.
Open-fingertips allow freedom to write, type, swipe (on your smart phone and other devices), do household chores and everything else with flexibility and ease.
Even simple activities like opening jars or using a computer mouse can be difficult if you’re suffering from hand pains or strained ligaments. We went one step further: the rubber grips add traction that can help you doing all these activities with ease.
Will withstand many washing.

Features of our unique technology:

• Longer durability
• Aids with joint and muscle recovery
• Offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, aches and pains
• Enhances blood circulation, stimulates oxygen airflow to the muscles
• Can be worn under a pair of thicker gloves for maximum performance in extreme cold weather (optional)
• It minimizes injury, offers optimal muscle support during casual everyday activities
• Can be comfortably worn all day and night
• Eliminates odors
• High Performance fabric keeps an optimal joint temperature
• Anti-Itch Wicking capabilities material
• 100% Latex Free

With your hand open measure across the palm of your hand right below your fingers.
See size chart in image above (We recommend to order one size down for a better fit.)

Product Features

  • ✅ ACCELERATE REHABILITATION OF HAND JOINTS – Our Copper Infused gloves will provide you a gentle compression . Help you reduce symptoms of Arthritis RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, thumb stiffness, muscle fatigue . Give you the support you need, over a long period of time, allowing you to perform at your peak in any situation . Open fingertips, fingerless ✅ GUARANTEED to speed up recovery for men & women .
  • ✅ PROMOTE BLOOD FLOW AND CIRCULATION – Provide mild squeezing for warmness and enhance blood moving through your hands. Removes stress and stimulate every joint .
  • ✅ ANTI-ODOUR . Active Copper is extremely efficient in eliminating odors – Made of 88% TOP QUALITY COPPER Infused Nylon . We guarantee that you will have the HIGHEST CONTENT available. [fabric maintain its characteristics after 40 times wash, proved by international testing report]
  • ✅ THERMAL STABILIZER – Breathable high performance fabric keeps an optimal joint temperature. Made with an Anti-Itch UPF 50+ material . Ergonomically designed for full range of motion, superior comfort and mobility . No chafing & irritating. Perfect for any Tommie, Dick, and Harry !
  • ✅ MOISTURE WICKING DESIGN – Easy to wear, our light, soft unisex elastic brace keeps you dry and comfortable even with long use . Very comfy to wear all day throughout the night. ✅ IDEAL GIFT for Black Friday , Cyber Monday , Prime Deal Day or Christmas .

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Anti Arthritis Gloves (Pair ) With Compression to Counter Pain In Your Hands for Instant Relief from SyeNazFitness part of SyeNaz “Medium (2 Pairs)”

SyeNazFitness compression gloves are comfortable as they apply a firm compression around the entire hand including the wrist. It reducing pain and other hand related strains such as inflammation, tightness, and swelling throughout the day. Our compression gloves promotes circulation which increases blood and oxygen flow to reduce pain and promote recovery.

Compression gloves Key Benefits:

  • Anti-fatigue compression hand gloves
  • Relief for achy hands.
  • Combats the symptoms of Arthritis.
  • Reduces morning hand discomfort.
  • Boosts circulation and reduces inflammation.
  • Massages and supports hands.
  • Easily slips on either hand.
  • Breathable fabric keeps feet dry and comfortable.
  • Thin, comfortable and discreet.

Recommended for Normal Activities:

  • Walking, Hiking, Running
  • Traveling – Flying or Long Car Rides
  • Cycling, CrossFit, Yoga, Gym
  • Basketball and other Sports
  • Climbing & other Outdoor Activities
  • Resting & Sleeping

*Returns accepted within 2 weeks of dispatch

“Free eBook included;”


Product Features

  • FED UP WITH SORE HANDS- If you’re frustrated with sore hands, wrists, fingers and you’ve tried many different products or even medication. Then SyeNazFitness anti-arthritis compression gloves are going to change your world!!!!
  • THINK OF BEING PAIN FREE AND DOING THE THINGS YOU LOVE AGAIN – Soon as you receive the SyeNazFitness expertly designed compression gloves, open the package and put them on! You’ll be AMAZED by the INSTANT benefit as the compression get to works! The oxygenated blood will be guided to all over your hands. Basically, your hand blood circulation is going to improve. Pretty scientific eh?!
  • GREAT VALUE +100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE* – If for any reason, our compression gloves don’t meet your hand care needs, please let us know and we will give you your money back. You have nothing to lose but the pain you’re suffering from when you choose SyeNazFitness anti-arthritis compression gloves! Our relationship with you is our number one priority, you’ll get the best product and service if you’re not happy you’ll get your money back!
  • COMFORTABLE FIT + EFFORTLESS CARE -These are available in either Small (7 cm), Medium (8 cm) or Large (9 cm). Measure yourself properly to find the size. Our high-quality material is so thin and soft you will forget you’re wearing them. Our compression gloves come in pairs and are machine washable! No hand-washing required.

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Edmunds Medium Craft Glove

FRANK A EDMUNDS-Craft Glove provides therapeutic comfort for hands at work, hobby, or play. Ergonomic support gloves relieve repetitive motion and help ease arthritic pain. The glove’s hand hugging, stretch spandex works to massage your hand and wrist, while providing support and warmth from pain and stiffness. One ambidextrous glove fits right or left hand. Fingerless design leaves fingers free for full sensation and complete dexterity. New Extra Long Wrist Band. Made of interlocking knitted fibers. Color: Natural Beige. Size: Medium. One glove per package. Made in USA.

Product Features

  • Ergonomic support gloves relieve repetitive motion and help ease arthritic pain
  • The glove’s hand hugging stretch spandex works to massage your hand and wrist while providing support and warmth from pain and stiffness
  • One ambidextrous glove fits right or left hand

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