Jar Opener Bottle Opener Can Opener Fits Most Jars, Cans, Bottles, Beer and Soda Pops, Premium 5 in 1 Kitchenware Tool Gadget – Gripper for Weak Hands Seniors Rheumatoid Arthritis


  • 100% Safe and High Quality
  • Item Type: Jar and Bottle Opener
  • Material: PP, silicone and stainless steel
  • Color: Yellow, grey, white
  • Size: Bottle Opener(14.5*5cm) Jar Opener(22.5*9cm)
  • Package Includes: 1×Bottle Opener, 1×Jar Opener


  • Food grade PP, silicone and stainless steel , longevity and durability.
  • Multi-purpose, quickly open beer bottles or canned food covers and so on
  • Protect your hands and fingernails
  • Ergonomic & non slip design
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Enjoy your shopping time and have a good day.


Your satisfaction is what drives us to provide the highest quality products. If at any time you are not completely satisfied with your purchase feel free to return it to us for a full and prompt refund- No Questions asked.We want you to be 100% satisfied 99% is not good enough for us.

Product Features

  • 4-IN-1 JAR OPENER: Ergonomic & non slip design with 4 different jar grips and inner rubber will give your hands the power to open any Jar lips just in squeeze. Easy tearing, pulling, turning and twisting for anything you crave. The large opener can instantly gauge any lid or cap size, place the appropriate opener size atop the food or drink container, twist and quickly release their factory sealing, without slipping or breakage
  • 5-IN-1 BOTTLE OPENER: Can open lips for the bean cans, covers of the pickle bottles & caps of the sodas & soft drinks. Easily twist off screw caps with a simple twist. Clamp down on food seals to instantly remove pull tabs. The openers are extremely durable under any circumstance in your kitchen, compact design and require very little storage space in cabinet.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE: Made of high quality pp, silicone and stainless steel for safe use in your kitchen. This set of opener tools helps you to easily remove the caps of food or beverage containers such as cans, bottles, beer bottles, kettles and cans and eliminates the risk of hurting yourself.
  • DURABLE AND PORTABLE: This opener is durable enough for last a long time. And it is a small and exquisite restaurant tool with no obvious sharp corners, so you may place it in your pocket or anywhere in the restaurant. Besides, it can also help when you go camping and having dinner in the wild.
  • KITCHEN BEST GADGET: This ingenious tool can save you time and effort, as well as providing excellent life support to children, arthritis patients or the weakened elderly. Definitely an ideal kitchen gadget.

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PinkSocks Men Women Black TV Copper Hands Arthritis Gloves Compression Therapeutic

Brand new High quality Buy with confidence Real value for your money Material: Nylon Length: 19.5cm Palm: 13cm Ultra Light Compression Gloves Infused With Real Copper Improve circulation with Copper Hands Compression Gloves Reduce Stiffness, Ease pain Package includes: 1 Pair

Product Features

  • Material: Nylon
  • Length: 19.5cm
  • Palm: 13cm
  • Ultra Light Compression Gloves Infused With Real Copper

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Arthritis Gloves, Finlon Thermal Fingerless Gloves Arthritis Fingerless Gloves For Arthritic Hands Pain Relief (M)

1.Their unique design provided mild compression for warmth and helps increasing circulation, which sudden reducing pain and cosmetic healing. Effective, non-invasive arthritis relief. Relieves your tendons, muscles and joints from arthritis pain by reducing stress on pressure points.
2.Provides mild compression to help control or decrease swelling of the joints. Open fingertips allow freedom to feel, touch and grip. Cotton Lycra allows skin to breathe and keep hands dry. Comfortable to use all day and night.
3.Designed by orthopaedic surgeon. Hand wash cold and air dry. Can be Used all Day or Night.Keeping Hands Warm. Awarded Ease-of-Use Commendation by Arthritis Foundation

Product description
Product name: Arthritis rehabilitation bumps nursing grip gloves
Material: Cotton/Spandex
Small: up to 3.1″ (8 cm)
Medium: up to 3.5 “(9 cm)
Large: up to 4″(10 cm)
Gender: Unisex
Intended Use: Arthritis
Weight: 100g

Package Including
Arthritis rehabilitation bumps nursing grip gloves x 1 pair

Product Features

  • ◆Lightweight, breathable cotton-spandex material: Increases flexibility, relieve pain and inflammation.
  • ◆Effective arthritis and carpal tunnel relief: Cotton-spandex blend embraces the natural shape of your hand with compression therapy support. Reducing pain and cosmetic healing.
  • ◆Reasonable finger open design: Opening is set at optimal length to provide perfect balance between beneficial compression support and finger / thumb mobility. Perform everyday tasks like using phone, typing, cooking and more without interference.
  • ◆All day wear: Allow you to wear the gloves comfortably all day long. Temperature regulating – retains heat to soothe hands and knuckles without becoming stuffy.
  • ◆100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We know we make the best compression glove for arthritis.

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Latest Jar Opener – Lifetime Replacement Warranty – Rated No.1 Kitchen Gadget To Remove Stubborn Lids, Caps and Bottles – Designed For Weak Hands, Seniors, Arthritis – Ideal Gift For Women or Elderly

Sometimes Feel Frustrated And Annoyed When You Can’t Open Bottles And Jars?

Never Have The Need To Ask Someone Else To Open A Canning Jar For You Again With Just One Purchase!

– Have you ever experienced that feeling of annoyance when all you want to have is a glass of wine, a beer, a soft drink or simply want to prepare a lovely meal. You have all the ingredients lined up and you can\’t open the bottle, cap or jar?
– Do you hate always having to have someone else around to help you open jars and bottles?
– Do you crave a handy little gadget that will give you the independence and freedom you desire?

Ergonomically And Intuitively Designed Jar Opener

This cool little kitchen gadget will make life easier for everyone. Seniors, those with limited or weakened hand mobility and those with arthritic hands will especially love the easy twist opening, non slip grip and excellent rubber inside grip which helps open even the most stubborn jar and bottle lids.

Compact, Convenient And A Dream to Store. This Simple, Practical Jar Opener Is A Fantastic Gift At Any Time Of The Year!

– Housewarming Present, Thanksgiving Gift, Christmas Stocking Stuffer or Birthday Gift this jar opener provides the perfect present for family and friends.
– Compact and colorful, it will fit in with any kitchen design and can be conveniently stored in a cutlery drawer or hung on a hook. You may even want to take it with you when your travel just like the clever cutter
– Simplicity of design, no need for instructions and extreme flexibility of use makes this a must-have for any kitchen.

‘Add to Cart’ Now and have your Jar Opener set in a matter of days.

Product Features

  • Our Jar Opener will last your lifetime. We offer a 100% Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee. You won’t get this lifetime guarantee from other kitchen brands. Try It RISK FREE Today!
  • OPEN DIFFICULT JARS – Eight sizes of circular openings provide a secure grip for a wider variety of containers than metal tools. Rubber sidings grips tight to slippery surfaces, and it’s lever action gives anyone the strength to open any lid with our jar grippers.
  • 10x MORE LEVERAGE – Ideal for those with limited hand strength mobility, the elderly or arthritis sufferers who struggle to open lids and jars. This is your solution!
  • DISHWASHER FRIENDLY – Easy to clean store and safe to put in the dishwasher. Our buyers have rated our jar openers as one of the best kitchen utensils and appliances sold on Amazon.
  • MAKES A PERFECT GIFT – Makes the perfect gift for all ages. If you’re a Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Men, Women or your friends who struggle with jars, this is the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

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Senshi Japan Adjustable Tension Hand Grip Strengthener – Hand Grip Strengthener With Adjustable Tension Spring – Adjustable Resistance Range from 0 to 50 KG – Excellent tool to increase strength of hands, fingers and forearms – Perfect for Athletes, Sports Enthusiasts Such As Tennis, Golf, Body Builders, Rock Climbers, etc. Musicians And People Who Need To Recover From Injuries Like Tendonitis, Arthritis or Tennis Elbow – Heavy Duty For Ultra Durability – EXTREME Forearm Muscle Builder

Senshi Japan metal hand gripper, now featuring the ultimate 18 settings design, we have aimed to provide the user with fully customizable resistance levels. We have now used compressed aluminum to ensure that the product is able to withstand high pressures also allowing it to be a lot more durable. The hand grippers resistance can go all the way to 50KG!

100% money back guarantee, if you are not happy with your purchase then we will guarantee that you will get a replacement or your money back!

Key product features:
• RECOVER FROM INJURIES FASTER – Developing grip strength will not only allow you to lift heavy objects and weights, but allow you to prevent injuries and recover from them a lot quicker due to the user increasing hand and forearm strength. When you grip a heavy weight in the gym or at home, your brain sends signals to the rest of your body to brace for impact. If you suffer from an injury stronger tissue recovers much faster.
• 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Our Hand Grip Strengthener is specially designed to allow the user to isolate the forearm as well as the muscles in the hand, men and women can use this, as well as seniors and teens. Our hand gripper is durable and precise. If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, within 30 days, please return your Hand Grip Strengthener for a full refund, or a replacement.
• EXTREMELY FAST & EASY STRENGTH GAINS IN HAND & FOREARM STRENGTH – Strong Grip strength is an essential part of almost all activities such as athletics in the gym as well as most everyday tasks. The Senshi Japan Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener Exerciser is an extremely efficient and effective way to strengthen/build and tone muscles in your palms and forearms as it isolates the muscles such as the forearm and those in the hand

Product Features

  • RECOVER FROM INJURIES FASTER – Developing grip strength will not only allow you to lift heavy objects and weights, but allow you to prevent injuries and recover from them a lot quicker due to increasing hand and forearm strength, thus allowing for more secure grips!
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Our Hand Grip Strengthener is specially designed to allow the user to isolate the forearm as well as the muscles in the hand, men and women can use this, as well as seniors and teens.
  • EXTREMELY FAST & EASY STRENGTH GAINS IN HAND & FOREARM STRENGTH – Strong Grip strength is an essential part of almost all activities such as athletics in the gym as well as most everyday tasks. The Senshi Japan Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener Exerciser is an extremely efficient and effective way to strengthen/build and tone muscles in your palms and forearms as it isolates the muscles such as the forearm and those in the hand
  • BUILD EXTREMELY STRONG FOREARMS – Having powerful forearms and a strong grip has many benefits, whether its in the gym or out. People usually overlook the importance of having strong fore arms as they are crucial to be able to lift weights or perform activities that involve the forearms easily, then consistent use of a hand grip strengthener will increase your forearm muscularity.

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3 Pack Jar Opener, AIFUDA Rubber Grip Skid-Proof Bottle Can Lid Opener for Arthritis Seniors Small Strength and Weak Hands – (Red, Green, Blue)

Expertly designed to be handled by the most pained hands, these kitchen gadgets feature a rubber, non-slip grip that revolutionize preparing food, cooking and snacking for the elderly and arthritis sufferers.

Durable design with long Life.

Ergonomic design offers firm grip between opener and lid/hand.

Slim and Sleek design occupies minimal storage space in your kitchen.

Material: Food Grade polypropylene (PP) and rubber
Color: Red & Green & Blue

Packing list:
1x Red Jar and Bottle Opener
1x Green Jar and Bottle Opener
1x Blue Jar and Bottle Opener

Product Features

  • 4 SIZES: This anti-skid jar openers are available to open 4 sizes of jar lids, more convenient to your daily life.
  • EASY TO OPEN: The rubber lining provides a firm grip on the lids and the indentations, PP surface provides for a firm, non-slip grip between the hand and the opener. Both make the opening process frustration-free and smoother.
  • HELPER FOR WEAK HANDS: Easy and effortless enough to be used by kids, women, elders and people with arthritis. Unlike spring operated adjustable size lid openers, no risk of hurting your fingers
  • SAFE TO USE: Our Jar lid openers are made up of food grade polypropylene (PP) and rubber which are safe for use in your kitchen.
  • DISHWASHER FRIENDLY: Easy to clean and store, safe to put in the dishwasher.

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PPOGOO Easy Open Bottle and Jar Opener Arthritis Jar Opener for Seniors Helps Tired or Wet Hands Arthritic Weakness Stubborn Jar Tops

This one simple kitchen gadget helps weak or painful hands to open difficult or stubborn jars and bottles:

Fits most sized jars, it has an easy-to-hold handle that grips bottle and jar lids with a rubber surface.

Also good for anyone who encounters jars that are just hard to open!

Product Features

  • THE ULTIMATE JAR OPENER. Effortless – Simply Clamp with Opener and Twist. It’s Easy to Open! Jar opener for seniors.
  • LARGER RINGS THAN MOST. Compare to other similar jar openers, the rings are able to open slightly larger bottles.
  • SIMPLE TO USE. Easy hold, non-slip, ergonomic handle. It can be so hard to open the lid of a jar. Whether it’s just a hard-to-open jar or tired hands, arthritic hands, weakness caused by any myriad of reasons, this “Easy Open” Bottle and Jar Opener is the solution!
  • FOUR SIZES OF RINGS TO FIT A VARIETY OF JARS AND BOTTLES. From soda pop bottle tops to small pickle jars or medium mayo even family size peanut butter jars. (Does not open large Mason jars.)

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Kingko® 3PCS/Set Pencil Grips Silicone Ergonomic Writing Claw Aid Flower Handle Style Pencils Training Grip Holder for Kids Students Kindergarten Adults Right Handed the Aged Disabled Hands (A)


Condition:100% New Product
Color:Send at Random
3 to 12 years old age effect is ideal
Magical ring positioning more accurate, powerful science triangle to let the child’s little hands can not afford to call the magic fingertips 3 fingers between the pinch pinch positioning so that children quickly learn to correct the grip pen, the training of children to correct the pen habit is a great help! Glove with non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly soft silicone material, effectively reducing the child’s grip pen pain, intimate design to help parents easily solve the problem of how to guide children how to hold the pen, pro can rest assured that the use of children The
Absolutely safe and environmentally friendly
Three finger positioning accuracy
Weak and comfortable
   Boys (light blue yellow blue 3 colors) girls section (purple orange pink 3 colors) 
Due to the light and screen differences, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures. Please understand
.Warming: the size of manual measurement, error 0-2cm

Package Included:

1 Set/3Pcs Writing Posture Correction Device

KINGKO provide you various kinds of great products at the lowest possible prices,
welcome to our store and get what you want !!!

Product Features

  • HELP CHILDREN WRITE HEALTHILY, CORRECTLY – Grip pen in a wrong way will cause myopia, humpback and poor handwriting, as a result children will lose confidence of their appearance and handwriting. To guide the children grip pen, we design these grips to immobilize fingers on the designated proper position. They can can improve quality of writing, boost children’ s confidences
  • WRITE COMFORTABLY – Made of premium environmental soft silicone which with an equal to baby pacifier, non-toxic, odorless, harmless, durable. Our pencil grips set support overall hand health, definitely relief hand pain, reduce fatigue, and improve comfort. Help solve writing problem easily
  • 1Set/3Pcs Writing Posture Correction Device
  • Cute vivid color handle and Flower design make them quite popular among kids and adult. They can attract children in seconds and draw them pay all attention to write. As a result they can be better able to concentrate
  • For kids who are learn to write, or have difficult to hold pens. For adults who are trying to correct and improve hand writing, for old people to keep hobby, such as who has crippling arthritis but still loves to draw and paint

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Hand Strengthener Grip – Best Gripper Exerciser for Hands Improves Strength and Builds Muscle in Forearm Wrist Palm Thumb & Fingers – Adjustable Resistance for Men & Women – Help Injuries : Golf Tennis Climbing Gym Boxing MMA – High Quality Materials – Perfect as a Gift – Black – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Do You Struggle to Find Time to go to the Gym?

• 15cm x 10cm

• Fits easily in your bag or pocket

• Extremely Lightweight

The COMPACT size, LIGHTWEIGHT design and EASY TO USE function of this HAND STRENGTHENER mean you can use it any time and anywhere!

Are You Looking To IMPROVE Your STRENGTH?

• 20kg to 40kg setting

• Suitable for Men and Women

• Simple, Easy to Use System

With ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS using the Bi-Directional Knob, the HAND STRENGTHENER can help you GRADUALLY or QUICKLY IMPROVE YOUR STRENGTH, depending on frequency of use.

The NEW 2015 Design Premio Plus Hand Strengthener is smoother, quieter and more comfortable than other Hand Grips.

Its perfect for those wanting to IMPROVE STRENGTH, REDUCE STRESS or to RECOVER and REHABILITATE

Hand Strengtheners are PROVEN to help those who play sport like Golf, MMA, Tennis, Motocross, Boxing and Rock Climbing etc to IMPROVE but also to help RECOVER FROM INJURIES or to HELP those suffering with JOINT PROBLEMS and ARTHRITIS

CLICK The BUY BUTTON NOW and Take Power into your own Hands and Start Your Journey to an improved grip!

Product Features

  • TEST, IMPROVE and BUILD YOUR STRENGTH – Ideal Aid For Testing Your Hands To Multiple Resistance Levels and Exercises Resulting In Strong Grips
  • LIGHT COMPACT and PORTABLE – Take this Perfect Training Tool Anywhere and Everywhere You Go: Office Travel Plane Car Indoor or Outdoor
  • INJURY and HEALTH IMPROVEMENT EQUIPMENT – The Grip Training Movements are Popular for Rehabilitation Of Those Injured Suffering With Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Tennis Elbow Broken Wrist / Finger
  • ERGONOMIC and UNISEX – Can Be Used by Anyone, from Weak To the Stronger Resistances Which Can Be Adjusted Quickly and Easily Without Wearing Out Spring. Rubber Grips provide Safe Squeeze

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A Pair of Anti Arthritis Therapeutic Compression Gloves To Counter Pain In Your Hands for relief (Grey (1 Pair), Medium (8 cm))

SyeNazFitnessTM compression gloves are comfortable as they apply a firm compression around the entire hand including the wrist. It reducing pain and other hand related strains such as inflammation, tightness, and swelling throughout the day. Our compression gloves promotes circulation which increases blood and oxygen flow to reduce pain and promote recovery. 

Compression gloves Key Benefits:

  • Anti-fatigue compression hand gloves
  • Relief for achy hands.
  • Combats the symptoms of Arthritis.
  • Reduces morning hand discomfort.
  • Boosts circulation and reduces inflammation.
  • Massages and supports hands.
  • Easily slips on either hand.
  • Breathable fabric keeps feet dry and comfortable.
  • Thin, comfortable and discreet.

Recommended for Normal Activities:

  • Walking, Hiking, Running
  • Traveling – Flying or Long Car Rides
  • Cycling, CrossFit, Yoga, Gym
  • Basketball and other Sports
  • Climbing & other Outdoor Activities
  • Resting & Sleeping

*Returns accepted within 2 weeks of dispatch

“Free eBook included;”


Product Features

  • FED UP WITH SORE HANDS- If you’re frustrated with sore hands, wrists, fingers and you’ve tried many different products or even medication. Then SyeNazFitnessTM anti-arthritis compression gloves are going to change your world!!!
  • THINK OF BEING PAIN FREE AND DOING THE THINGS YOU LOVE AGAIN – Soon as you receive the SyeNazFitnessTM expertly designed compression gloves, open the package and put them on! You’ll be AMAZED by the INSTANT benefit as the compression get to works! The oxygenated blood will be guided to all over your hands. Basically, your hand blood circulation is going to improve. Pretty scientific eh?!
  • COMFORTABLE FIT + EFFORTLESS CARE -These are available in either Small (7 cm), Medium (8 cm) or Large (9 cm). Measure yourself properly to find the size. Our high-quality material is so thin and soft you will forget you’re wearing them. Our compression gloves come in pairs and are machine washable! No hand-washing required.
  • GREAT VALUE +100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE* – If for any reason, our compression gloves don’t meet your hand care needs, please let us know and we will give you your money back. You have nothing to lose but the pain you’re suffering from when you choose SyeNazFitnessTM anti-arthritis compression gloves! Our relationship with you is our number one priority, you’ll get the best product and service if you’re not happy you’ll get your money back!

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