TELEOST Hand Grip Exerciser ,Adjustable Hand Grip with Resistance Settings – Beginner Intermediate,15-50kg hand and Forearm Muscle Development.Excellent tool to increase strength of hands,Recover From Injuries Like Tendonitis, Arthritis or Tennis Elbow – Heavy Duty For Ultra Durability – Extreme Forearm Muscle Builder.

The resistance can be adjusted between 15 and 50kg (30 to 110 pounds). Its handle width is adjustable between 45 to 85mm.

These combinations enable the user to choose between 17 different resistances.Highly durable advanced die spring. This reduces chances of the spring being stretched and deformed, increasing the life of the product. Plus steel and hard industrial plastic parts provides an a high quality gripper at an affordable price.

Constructed with a four-link structure that operates in parallel with the handles. This enables natural operation, coinciding with the movement direction of the fingers, with fixed pressure corresponding to each finger. This enables even muscle development for the entire
hand and from the wrist to the elbow.

100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Our Hand Grip Strengthener is specially designed to allow the user to isolate the forearm as well as the muscles in the hand, men and women can use this, as well as seniors and teens.Building muscle strength in the hands, wrists, fingers and forearms in order to elevate muscle imbalance and prevent injury.

Those who are required to do hand endurance and strength exercises as part of rehabilitation from debilitating conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis. Great for Anyone who needs to build strength in order to recover from hand, wrist or forearm injuries.

The guitar, violin and drum player who wants to improve wrist, hand and finger strength and endurance so they can play more comfortably. Those who want to improve performance in sports where hand, wrist and forearm strength, coordination and control are require.

Product Features

  • This is a new product, product discounts we do. Top 20 customers to discounts, the original price of 39.9 now only 14.99 . You can have it all with a preferential price.
  • High quality spring gives long lasting and powerful resistance.Adjustable Resistance between 15 and 50kg (33 to 110 pounds).
  • Four link structure provides muscle development of not only the fingers and the hands but also from the wrist down to the elbow.Steel and hard plastic part construction, providing a lasting and powerful adjustable gripper at an affordable price.
  • Reduced risk of injuries – Developing grip strength will not only enhance the ability to handle heavy objects, but help with injury prevention due to increased hand and wrist strength.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Our Hand Grip Strengthener is specially designed to allow the user to isolate the forearm as well as the muscles in the hand, men and women can use this, as well as seniors and teens.

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MagiDeal Hand Grip Strengthener Finger Stretcher Hand Exercise Grip Fitness Equipment – Blue


Workout for rehabilitation: if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel and are on the way to recovery from a fractured or broken wrist, or tendon surgery, then this is the perfect gripper for you.
Designed with tight finger holes to prevent the bands from slipping off your fingers during your workout.
It is great to fit into your gym bag or handbag. You can get repetitions in while commuting, at the office or anywhere.
The strength trainer is ergonomically designed and fits well for all hand sizes,
which perfect for men, women, seniors and teens.


Material: Silicone Gel
Size(L x W x H):approx. 9.5 x 9.5 x 2cm/3.7 x 0.8inch

Package Includes:

1 Piece Finger Rehabilitation Training Ring

Product Features

  • Workout for rehabilitation: if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel and are on the way to recovery from a fractured or broken wrist, or tendon surgery, then this is the perfect gripper for you.
  • Designed with tight finger holes to prevent the bands from slipping off your fingers during your workout.
  • It is great to fit into your gym bag or handbag. You can get repetitions in while commuting, at the office or anywhere.
  • The strength trainer is ergonomically designed and fits well for all hand sizes,
  • which perfect for men, women, seniors and teens.

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CUXUS 2 Pack Hand Grip Strengtheners, Strength Trainer Exerciser Non-slip Gripper With Adjustable Resistance from 22 to 80 Lbs, Unisex Fitness Equipment, Hand Wrist Finger Forearm Strength Exerciser (Blue)

1.Size: length 7.5-10.5cm, width :2cm, height :15cm, weight :180g.
2.Material : environment friendly plastic and alloy steel tension springs
3.Resistance range: 22-88 Lbs (10-40kg)
4.Package: 2*Hand grip Strengthener

Why you choose our hand grip trainer?

Super Quality:
Built with all metal rings and enhanced strong spring to endure long-term and frequent use.
The grip handle has a quiet motion, the rubber grips on the handles give you a comfortable experience when in use.

Portable and Convenient:
This hand grip exercise device has a small shape and light weight,you can use it anywhere.

Perfect for Everybody:
The strengthener suitable for all ages, perfect for bodybuilders, rock climbers, tennis players, golfers, surfers, drummers.

Strength Training Benefit:
This hand strengthener not only helps to build strength in your fingers, wrists, elbows and forearms.
back but also relieve stress.

Beneficial for people who have tennis elbow, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis.make your joint more flexible and relaxed.

We promise 3-Year Warranty and provide friendly and effective after-sale service. Please email us if you meet any problem.

Product Features

  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTENCE & ANTI-RUST: The gripper has a easy adjustable rotate, from 22-88 Lbs, the spring is made of good material, won’t rust.
  • NON-SLIP & COMFORTABLE: Special design of the grip handle helps to prevent it from accidentally slipping out of your hand and feel comfortable to grip.
  • DURABLE & MANUFACTURER PRICE: Built to last a lifetime with high quality plastic and alloy steel tension springs. Durable and safe hand exerciser. We are factory supplier, provide lower price and higher quality!
  • IMPROVE STRENGTH & FINGER THERPAY: Best choice for athlete and Fitness enthusiasts, any sports that require wrist/forearm coordination and control. It helps enhance your finger/wrist strength, get stronger.
  • BEST SERVICE: If you have any questions,please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will reply you within 24-hour, we will serve till you satisfied.

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RevoReach 09 120 4825 Xcel Long Reaching Aid/Litter Picker with Easy Grab Hand Grip – 81 cm/32 inch (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

The RevoReach Xcel is a well balanced, lightweight and robust reacher, developed to provide a secure and stable lift when picking up a wide variety of items. The ergonomically designed handle has a soft touch slip resistant trigger that allows all fingers to be used when operating, offering a more secure and comfortable grip. The 360 degrees revolving jaw adjusts in 30 degrees increments allowing objects to be picked up from a variety of positions.

Product Features

  • RevoReach reachers are ideal for grabbing items that are out of reach around the home in the garden or for picking up litter – especially useful if you have limited mobility or difficulty bending down
  • Ideal for extending your reach so that you can grab items in hard to reach places such as under beds, down the side of or on top of cupboards
  • The slip resistant rubber lined jaws have finger print style indents to provide a strong, secure grip and rotate and lock in place allowing you to grab objects quickly and easily from a variety of angles
  • The chunky handle is designed to allow you to use a power grip using the whole hand and reduce strain on your fingers, ideal for anyone who has arthritis or difficulty gripping
  • The shaft is elliptical with a matte coated finish so that it is easy to grip when using your second hand to support the grabber while you move an object

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Egg Shaped Hand Squeeze Stress Balls with Carry Bag , Set of 3 Resistance, Finger Wrist Arthritis Physio Exerciser ( Strengthen Grip)

There are many home treatments you can use to reduce the pain and disability of arthritis. One easy and noninvasive way to keep the joints flexible, improve range of motion, and relieve arthritis pain is by doing hand exercises.

Movement can also help to keep ligaments and tendons flexible, which can help improve range of motion and hand function. Finally, exercise can increase the production of synovial fluid, which can also improve joint function.

The Grip balls are made of silicone gel, keep your fingers, forearms, and hands stronger wile easing stiff joint pain. Use the all three Topist hand balls to achieve variable resistance training and customize for individual needs and goals.

Product Features

  • Prevents mouse hand, adjuts neural system, improves sleep quality. Relieve daily stress and strengthen your hands fingers, wrist, forearms and muscle with simple exercises. Hand exercises can help strengthen the muscles that support the hand joints. This can help you perform hand movements with less discomfort.
  • Perfect for physical therapy and stroke patients. Comes with 3 different degree of resistance work up to your desired comfort ( yellow is the softest, red is medium, and blue is the most firm ), can be repeatedly compressed without losing its shape.
  • Hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and free of BPA, phthalates and latex. They are a great toys for kids and adults to squeeze away stress and anxiety. Providing sensory input for children with ADHD, autism, increase focus
  • Package included: 3x egg grip ball ( 2.5″ x 1.75″ / 6.3cm x 4.5 cm) ), they are easy to clean with a little dishwashing soap and lukewarm water. Perfect balls for squeezing, massaging, manipulating, tossing and strengthening hand muscles
  • 100% Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. If there is an issue with your product for any reason we will happily refund in full. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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Grip Strengthener – NOSIVA Hand Power Grip Exerciser & 2 Grip Balls, Adjustable Resistance 10 – 40Kg, Forearm Hands Wrist Fingers Trainer, Hand Gripper Set for Athletes, Musicians, Rock Climbers, Arthritis, Body Builders ( Black and Blue)

Grip strength training is a critically important, yet often overlooked, form of exercise. The NOSIVA Grip Exerciser enables you to improve your hand strength whenever and wherever possible!

Improves Sports Performance

This grip Strengthener exercises the muscles and joints in your hands, wrists and forearms to vastly improve performance when it comes to hitting, throwing, pulling, pushing, holding and control of sports equipment.

Strengthens Fingers

This hand grip trainer allows you to work out each individual finger to develops and maintain strength and dexterity. Excellent for those who types for many hours a day, for the guitarist or keyboardist, or for the professional or hobbyist constantly using his fingers for precise work like locksmithing, jewelry making, and so forth.

Improves Hand Endurance

The length of time that you can apply a specific amount of force will be increased. This hand strengthener is ideal for gripping onto things, carrying heavy items, pulling etc. without hand fatigue.

Reduces Risk of Injuries

For sports where the hands play a vital role such as boxing, you need to keep them in prime physical condition. Therefore, strengthening your hands is extremely important as this hand strengthener will allow you to punch harder.

Package Included:
1 x Grip Strengthener
2 x Grip Balls

Product Features

  • 【Improve Strength and Performance】- This grip strengthener is ideal for sports athletes, musicians, Arthritis, rock climbers, fitness lovers and etc. It will recruit and work muscles in your forearm, wrist, hand and fingers.
  • 【Useful Treatment Tool】- This hand strengthener is a nice and useful treatment tool for those with hand injuries, tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow problems. People who have had surgery on their wrist or tendons will also greatly benefit from this hand griper. It helps accelerate the blood circulation.
  • 【Easy to Carry and Store】- The lightweight design of the hand trainer makes it ideal to pop into your bag for use. And you can use this grip trainer to improve your hand strength whenever and wherever possible.
  • 【Fully Adjustable Resistance】- The grip exerciser allows you to control the resistance from 10Kg to 40 KG (22-88 Lbs). Resistance is altered by rotating the knob clockwise for a higher resistance level and counter-clockwise for a lower resistance.
  • 【Durable Construction】- The solid steel hinges, durable stainless steel screws and enhanced spring endure durability and frequent use. The non-slip handles make the hand exerciser easy and enjoyable to use.

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Gonce 2pcs Hand Grip Strengthener and 2pcs Finger Stretcher – Strength Trainer for Forearm Exercise, Guitar Finger Strengtheners and Rock Climbing

* WORKOUT FOR REHABILITATION * – If you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow or on the way of recovering from a fractured wrist, or tendon surgery, this is a perfect gripper which can help you to recover.
* PERFECT FOR FITNESS & SPORT ENTHUSIASTS * – It can improve finger strength for athletes (rock climbing enthusiasts, cross fitness, tennis, baseball, boxing, golf and shooting) and musicians (guitar players, bass players, pianists and violinists).

Product Features

  • The set is a great beginner set to improve your overall grip strength, recover from injury or increase your finger strength. These can be used by anyone from teenagers, women, men or seniors to exercise all 4 major grip training types (crushing, pinching, supporting and extending)
  • Using the Finger Stretcher helps prevent injuries and muscle imbalances from the overuse of
  • It can improve finger strength for athletes (rock climbing enthusiasts, fitness, tennis, baseball, boxing, tennis, golf and shooting) and musicians (guitar players, bass players, pianists and violinists). See results fast using your new hand exercise equipment.
  • Exercise your hands and forearm from anywhere whether you are at home, in the office, walking, in the car or doing your favorite sport as the rings are lightweight easily portable.
  • Designed to fit your hand perfectly so that you can easily do a full exercise without readjusting the grip strengthener or finger Stretcher. They’re also made of a 100% eco-friendly premium silicone that feels comfortable when you do your hand exercise.

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Elastic Finger Grip with Stand, Fone-Stuff® – Mobile Phone, iPhone. iPad Tablet and Kindle Holder in Silver

Mobile phones and iPhones come in all shapes and sizes but more importantly these phones have been made to fit most hands and some learn clever tricks in order for them to you their phone as the size is bigger than the usual mobile phones out there. How do we overcome something we need on a day to day basis without creating a massive fuss?

Our NEW Elastic Finger Grip Strap Holder + Stand does exactly that. It allows you to hold pretty much any mobile phone iPhone or even aid you in holding your iPad tablet in whilst you are out and about, on the move or simply when you’re lying down.

Our new and improve design features a secret foldable mobile phone stand that pops out allowing you stand your Apple iPhone/ mobile phone on a table or desk for either a clock, reading messages, watching videos or pics without holding your device.

This universal elastic finger strap is compatible with all mobiles phones and tablets. Please note this sling is not designed for you to hand your device from it but solely to aid you in holding you gadget to make it easier for you.

Product Features

  • NEW & IMPROVED ELASTIC FINGER GRIP – Grip your mobile phone or tablet with this ELASTIC SELFIE STRAP that now lets you hold your device and allows it to stand thanks to its secret foldable STAND
  • STRAP THAT STANDS!! – Our NEW and improved design now not only allows you to grip your phone with one hand but allows you stand your phone on a tablet in an angle for videos, pics and games
  • CONVINIANT & SECURE – Allows you to hold your device securely with one hand whilst multitasking like taking pics, texting, answering calls. Very handy for people with Arthritis or a condition where cannot grip tightly as this aids them in holding their phone/Apple iPhone on the move
  • THIN AND BARELY NOTICEBLE – Made with a strong durable thin plastic that sticks behind your phone using a strong enough adhesive that sticks down securely giving your phone a firm grip as you are holding it. NEW & IMPROVED STICKIER ADHESIVE for a LONGER LASTING HOLD!
  • EXCELLENT FOR BIG DEVICES – We all know there is a clear issue between hand sizes and phone sizes. Gives you great stability when holding phones bigger than your hand now giving you the option of having a larger phone

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FlexFixx HAND EXERCISER Therapy Set – Best For Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Stroke Rehab, Stress Relief – 4 Squeeze Balls for Grip, Wrist, Finger, Hand Strength – User Guide with Strengthening Exercises

At FlexFixx we are dedicated to creating high quality and innovative products for people to help improve their overall health and wellness. Flexibility, mobility and muscle recovery are essential components of any fitness, therapeutic, or post-surgery programs and are factors in everyday life. Our products are designed for a wide variety of users in mind so whether you are a high performance athlete, personal trainer, therapist, weekend warrior, yoga practitioner, dancer, stay-at-home-parent, or a recent patient of orthopaedic surgery…we have a solution for you. One foot, muscle and body at a time, we are dedicating to improving our customer’s quality of life since after all, when you feel better you live better!

Product Features

  • TWO SHAPES WITH ROUND AND EGG-SHAPED unsure which shape to get?…this way you can try both shapes to give you double the amount of exercises and options to exercise your hands
  • GAIN CONFIDENCE, DEXTERITY and STRENGTH four resistance levels: extra soft, soft, medium and firm for gradual progression of finger strength for guitar, piano, violin, rock climbing and kids
  • TRIED AND TRUSTED AS THERAPISTS CHOICE in physical and occupational therapy as most complete tool kit with high range of densities, shapes for injury recovery, prevention and repetitive strain
  • MOST EXTENSIVE USER GUIDE ON MARKET – 22 pages of step-by-step pictures and instruction for fingers, thumb, wrist and grips with options for basic to advanced hand strength training
  • ENSURE PROPER FINGER PLACEMENT with simple and intuitive ball marker shown on each side of ball…innovative design so marker can be felt, as well as seen while holding in your hand

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Premium Stress Relief Squeeze Balls Bundle By Freegrace – 7 pcs Hand Exercise & Therapy Set – Great For Kids, Adults & Elders – Physical Rehabilitation & Grip Strengthener – Multiple Resistance Levels

With Freegrace, Stress Relief Is In The Palm Of Your Hand – Literally!

Do you find yourself overstressed from your work, studying or responsibilities?

Aren’t you sick of being unable to relax your racing mind?

Would you like to try an effective stress relief method to help you get some peace of mind?

Freegrace’s squeeze ball, egg and ring bundle may just be exactly what you need.

7 In 1 Ultimate Value Stress Relief Bundle

This great value squeeze ball set includes:

•1 Large soft coated gel core ball (2.36” / 3.42 oz)

•3 thermoplastic rubber progressive resistance level eggs (2.5” x 1.75” / 1.65 oz)

•3 thermoplastic rubber progressive resistance level rings (2.76” x 0.8” / 1.66 oz)

Alleviate Your Stress With A Simple Method Backed By Science

If you think that squeezing a stress relief toy can do nothing to ease your mind, these squeeze balls will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Scientific research has shown that stress relief balls, rings and eggs help you manage your anxiety.

By providing extra sensory information, you trick your mind into shifting its focus from what’s stressing it to the task at hand – which allows you to relax and reduces your levels of anxiety.

Strengthen Your Hands – Combat Arthritis & Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Besides being a stress management tool, squeeze balls are also widely used in physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments to counter the effects of arthritis or atrophy.

They are also a great way to alleviate stiffness and pain and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome – a must to have for anyone working long hours with a computer!

So Don’t Waste Any More Time – Order Your Set Now!

Just Click ‘Add To Cart’!

Product Features

  • ✔ SUPER VALUE 7 IN 1 SET: Freegrace’s stress relief squeeze balls bundle combines seven different colorful items at an unbeatable price you won’t find anywhere else: Three progressive resistance level rubber eggs, three stress relief rings and a soft coated gel core ball. Find the perfect one for you and share the rest with your family!
  • ✔ SQUEEZE THE ANXIETY AWAY: Stress relief balls are actually backed by science! Research has shown that occupying your hands with a minor task – such as squeezing a rubber ball – allows your brain to relax and stop being focused on what’s stressing you.
  • ✔ BUILD UP YOUR HAND STRENGTH: Using a squeeze ball, egg or ring increases circulation and blood flow to your hands, alleviates stiffness or pain and builds up hand, finger and grip strength. That’s why stress relief balls are commonly used but medical experts in physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments.
  • ✔ 3 RESISTANCE LEVELS: The stress relief squeeze eggs and rings come at 3 different resistance levels, color coded for your convenience! Incidentally, this also makes them perfect for progressive physical therapy. Find the one that fits your needs!
  • ✔ 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: We at Freegrace have great confidence in our stress relief squeeze balls and rings. After all, we use them all the time ourselves! If for any reason you do not feel your stress balls meet your expectations, we offer you a 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee!

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