Arthritis & Rheumatism Complete Gift Set, Massage Oil 250ml, Ointment 120ml & Bath Oil 250ml

These Arthritis & Rheumatism oils and ointment are made with oils reputed to help relieve arthritic pain, reduce stress and strain and improve blood circulation. These may also offer all over natural pain relief for arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammation of joints, joint pain and fibromyalgia.

Product Features

  • When a massage oil or ointment is used in conjunction with a bath oil of the same range our customers have found that their symptoms may have reduced and with quicker results.
  • Which is why we are now offering our discounted full gift sets which can be bought to simply save you money, or as each is packed in one of our 200mm x 200mm card boxes, sent as a wonderful gift idea. Arthritis & Rheumatism Complete Gift Set contains –
  • 1 x Arthritis & Rheumatism Massage Oil, 250ml
  • 1 x Arthritis & Rheumatism Ointment, 120ml
  • 1 x Arthritis & Rheumatism Bath Oil, 250ml

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Willis Judd New Ladies Tri Colour Magnetic Titanium Bracelet In Black Velet Gift Box + Free Link Removal Tool

Premium Quality Magnetic Titanium Bracelet by Willis Judd

Blending elegance with strength, Willis Judd are proud to present this stylish magnetic bracelet.

The use of magnetic therapy can be traced back for hundreds of years, assisting in the alleviation of arthritic pain, reducing inflammation, and improving blood circulation. It is also used to assist in the reduction of stress, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia.

What are the benefits of this Willis Judd bracelet?

✓CRAFTED FROM HIGH QUALITY TITANIUM AND CARBON FIBER – titanium super lightweight yet strong metal. You will not notice the bracelet on your wrist. Titanium is stronger than stainless steel but half the weight. The carbon fiber really sets the bracelet to be a unique piece of jewelry. Our materials are also hypoallergenic – it will not irritate skin.

✓HIGH STRENGTH MAGNETS – Our magnets are premium grade 3000 gauss Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets – Perfect strength for magnetic therapy. Many other magnetic bracelets use much lower quality magnets and lower strength

✓ EASY TO RESIZE – Using our link removal tool, you can adjust the size of the bracelet for your wrist from the comfort of your own home. We also provide full video instructions as to how to use the tool to adjust the length of the bracelet

✓ PREMIUM GIFT BOX – We will include a premium velvet gift box with this bracelet. This is perfect for gift giving

✓ TRUSTED SELLER – We have been selling jewelry on Amazon for years, view our feedback and buy in confidence

✓ QUALITY ASSURED – Each bracelet is quality checked by ourselves, we take pride in our product and its presentation to you. What’s more, we have a no-quibble, money-back return policy.

With any jewelry which uses magnets, it is not suitable for pacemaker users or if you are pregnant.

Willis Judd has been selling on Amazon for several years, and is proud to be selling this delightful bracelet.

Product Features

  • CRAFTED FROM HIGH QUALITY TITANIUM – a super lightweight yet strong metal. You will not notice the bracelet on your wrist. Titanium is stronger than stainless steel but half the weight. Our materials are also hypoallergenic – it will not irritate skin
  • EXTRA STRONG high powered 3000 Gauss Magnets helping to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and carpal tunnel. These are the strongest magnets available, much stronger then any other magnetic products on the market!
  • ALWAYS looks fashionable and modern. This stylish design is so descreit no one would suspect it’s a therapeutic bracelet. There is a Willis Judd bracelet to suit every occasion.
  • 19cm LONG / 0.75cm WIDE with free size adjusting tool included with this bracelet allowing you to easily adjust the size of the bracelet at home so it always fits your wrist perfectly. An easy to follow Instructional video link is also provided!
  • PREMIUM GIFT BOX – We will include a premium velvet gift box with this bracelet. This is perfect for gift giving and acting as a travel box

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initial ring, copper ring, fake diamonds ring, Arthritis Ring, copper jewellery, gift for women, made to order

The hammered copper ring is formed like an overlapping coil so that they can be adjusted to fit. Very comfortable to wear. This copper ring is hand cut and formed using traditional jewellery tools. I’ve given this a protective coating, but it will patina more over time as that is the beautiful nature of copper. This makes your jewelry uniquely yours and gives it character. It is not considered a defect. Polish your jewellery by rubbing with a regular metal polishing liquid and cloth. You can also soak it in an acidic solution such as lemon juice/ketchup. Or you can leave the ring to gradually develop a darker antique finish. The ring will arrive in a nice craft box ready to be a gift. Made to order ***Be sure to write your initials and size in the message section at checkout.*** Don’t know your ring size? Print this out and measure your finger! :

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Arthritis Sufferer – Adult Anti-Stress Colouring Book – Best Seller Ideal Present Gift Idea for Christmas Xmas Stocking Fillers Secret Santa Valentines Anniversary Birthdays Easter – Man Men Mens Gents Him Ladies Women Lady Woman Her – One Supplied

Product Features

  • This is a lovely adult colouring book
  • It has 120 sheets of colouring to do
  • A great way to de-stress and spend your free time
  • Why not frame your work once complete
  • One Supplied

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Latest Jar Opener – Lifetime Replacement Warranty – Rated No.1 Kitchen Gadget To Remove Stubborn Lids, Caps and Bottles – Designed For Weak Hands, Seniors, Arthritis – Ideal Gift For Women or Elderly

Sometimes Feel Frustrated And Annoyed When You Can’t Open Bottles And Jars?

Never Have The Need To Ask Someone Else To Open A Canning Jar For You Again With Just One Purchase!

– Have you ever experienced that feeling of annoyance when all you want to have is a glass of wine, a beer, a soft drink or simply want to prepare a lovely meal. You have all the ingredients lined up and you can\’t open the bottle, cap or jar?
– Do you hate always having to have someone else around to help you open jars and bottles?
– Do you crave a handy little gadget that will give you the independence and freedom you desire?

Ergonomically And Intuitively Designed Jar Opener

This cool little kitchen gadget will make life easier for everyone. Seniors, those with limited or weakened hand mobility and those with arthritic hands will especially love the easy twist opening, non slip grip and excellent rubber inside grip which helps open even the most stubborn jar and bottle lids.

Compact, Convenient And A Dream to Store. This Simple, Practical Jar Opener Is A Fantastic Gift At Any Time Of The Year!

– Housewarming Present, Thanksgiving Gift, Christmas Stocking Stuffer or Birthday Gift this jar opener provides the perfect present for family and friends.
– Compact and colorful, it will fit in with any kitchen design and can be conveniently stored in a cutlery drawer or hung on a hook. You may even want to take it with you when your travel just like the clever cutter
– Simplicity of design, no need for instructions and extreme flexibility of use makes this a must-have for any kitchen.

‘Add to Cart’ Now and have your Jar Opener set in a matter of days.

Product Features

  • Our Jar Opener will last your lifetime. We offer a 100% Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee. You won’t get this lifetime guarantee from other kitchen brands. Try It RISK FREE Today!
  • OPEN DIFFICULT JARS – Eight sizes of circular openings provide a secure grip for a wider variety of containers than metal tools. Rubber sidings grips tight to slippery surfaces, and it’s lever action gives anyone the strength to open any lid with our jar grippers.
  • 10x MORE LEVERAGE – Ideal for those with limited hand strength mobility, the elderly or arthritis sufferers who struggle to open lids and jars. This is your solution!
  • DISHWASHER FRIENDLY – Easy to clean store and safe to put in the dishwasher. Our buyers have rated our jar openers as one of the best kitchen utensils and appliances sold on Amazon.
  • MAKES A PERFECT GIFT – Makes the perfect gift for all ages. If you’re a Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Men, Women or your friends who struggle with jars, this is the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

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Best Seller Mesh Ball Stress Relief Squeezing Hand Therapy Finger Wrist Arthritis Physio Exerciser ~ Gift For Kids, Girls, Boys, Teen, Son, Daughter, Teenager ~ Secret Santa, Christmas, Birthday Present Idea

Feeling stressed? Simply squeeze the mesh squishy ball to help get some frustration out! Also useful for helping you relax your hands Helps the blood circulation in the hands. Soft rubber(Random Color Sent) Perfect Christmas gift for adults and kids. Product size 7cm

Product Features

  • Feeling stressed? Simply squeeze the mesh squishy ball to help get some frustration out!
  • Also useful for helping you relax your hands Helps the blood circulation in the hands
  • Helps the blood circulation in the hands
  • Perfect Christmas gift for adults and kids. Product size 7cm
  • One Supplied (Random Color Sent)

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Hand Strengthener Grip – Best Gripper Exerciser for Hands Improves Strength and Builds Muscle in Forearm Wrist Palm Thumb & Fingers – Adjustable Resistance for Men & Women – Help Injuries : Golf Tennis Climbing Gym Boxing MMA – High Quality Materials – Perfect as a Gift – Black – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Do You Struggle to Find Time to go to the Gym?

• 15cm x 10cm

• Fits easily in your bag or pocket

• Extremely Lightweight

The COMPACT size, LIGHTWEIGHT design and EASY TO USE function of this HAND STRENGTHENER mean you can use it any time and anywhere!

Are You Looking To IMPROVE Your STRENGTH?

• 20kg to 40kg setting

• Suitable for Men and Women

• Simple, Easy to Use System

With ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS using the Bi-Directional Knob, the HAND STRENGTHENER can help you GRADUALLY or QUICKLY IMPROVE YOUR STRENGTH, depending on frequency of use.

The NEW 2015 Design Premio Plus Hand Strengthener is smoother, quieter and more comfortable than other Hand Grips.

Its perfect for those wanting to IMPROVE STRENGTH, REDUCE STRESS or to RECOVER and REHABILITATE

Hand Strengtheners are PROVEN to help those who play sport like Golf, MMA, Tennis, Motocross, Boxing and Rock Climbing etc to IMPROVE but also to help RECOVER FROM INJURIES or to HELP those suffering with JOINT PROBLEMS and ARTHRITIS

CLICK The BUY BUTTON NOW and Take Power into your own Hands and Start Your Journey to an improved grip!

Product Features

  • TEST, IMPROVE and BUILD YOUR STRENGTH – Ideal Aid For Testing Your Hands To Multiple Resistance Levels and Exercises Resulting In Strong Grips
  • LIGHT COMPACT and PORTABLE – Take this Perfect Training Tool Anywhere and Everywhere You Go: Office Travel Plane Car Indoor or Outdoor
  • INJURY and HEALTH IMPROVEMENT EQUIPMENT – The Grip Training Movements are Popular for Rehabilitation Of Those Injured Suffering With Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Tennis Elbow Broken Wrist / Finger
  • ERGONOMIC and UNISEX – Can Be Used by Anyone, from Weak To the Stronger Resistances Which Can Be Adjusted Quickly and Easily Without Wearing Out Spring. Rubber Grips provide Safe Squeeze

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4 in 1 Power Balance Energy® Ion Band, Germanium, Silicone,Charged With Negative Ions, The Ionic Wristband And Stylish Therapy Bracelet, Ideal Gift For Men And Women (Black)

Sleek Stylish the ULTIMATE Ionic Power Band The Power Balance Energy® band is the most powerful and stylish band on the market. It is charged with 1200CC of Titanium and Geranium, making it hugely powerful in fighting negative ions. Who Should Buy This Band? You should wear this bracelet if you: have to use computer, cell phone or other electronic devices frequently or for a long period of time every day; – have to drive frequently or for a long time; – have to keep focused on your work or study for a long period of time; – have to stand or do laborious work for a long time; – have cold hands and cold feet; – have problems such as tense nerves, poor blood circulation, or stiffness and shoulder and neck pains; – are weakly resistant to illnesses and catch colds easily; – have a stressful life style and want to relax and regain your energy; – have an irregular life style and are often sleepless; – are fond of sports and want to develop your sport fitness. Features Include: • Stylish Silicone strap with polished metal clasp • Packaged in a blister pack with card • Ultimate Titanium and Germanium charge of 1200CC per band • One Size Fits All adjustable strap • 6 Month warranty This has full certification and has been tested for its ionic power, give it a try with no risk, add to cart now and see if they work for you.

Product Features

  • THE MOST POWERFUL 4 in 1 ionic band available. Negative ions counteract the effects of a stressed-out day and are abundant in nature through plants, waterfalls, rainstorms, and forests, we bring those benefits to you with our Power Balance Energy Ion Bands. STYLISH one size fits all, with a silver polished titanium strip and anti rust buckle and classy silicone strap. An ideal gift.
  • THE MAGNETIC GERMANIUM TECHNOLOGY is ideal for sports such as golf, tennis or any active activity where you need a power boost or increased energy
  • THE NEGATIVE IONS balance you and can help sleep, sinuses, hay fever, asthma, the immune system relaxation, stability, energy levels, concentration, joint and muscle aches, arthritis, circulation and other benefits
  • MAGNETIC BANDS have been used for centuries by humans and animals to aid healing, alleviate pain, improve circulation and help with many other conditions including arthritis, sports injuries, poor circulation, high blood pressure, skin complaints, fatigue syndrome and general aches and pains.

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SanSiDo Titanium Magnetic Bracelet, Powerful 3,000 gauss Magnets Element Health Wristband Jewelry,Therapy Bracelet Pain Relief for Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Tendonitis Tennis Elbow RSI Joint and Wrist,Christmas Gift for Men

Material: 316L Stainless Steel
Color: Black, Gold
Size: About 22.5 * 1.3 * 0.2cm/8.85 * 0.51 * 0.07in (L * W * T)
Weight:About 53g/1.86oz

1.Strong Clasp to make sure it stays on your wrist.
2.Very low maintenance. To clean titanium you can simply wipe the bracelet with a jewelry cloth.
3.Promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism.
4.Prevent mental fatigue, Tranquilize the mind.

Package List:
1 X Health Bracelet

1.Due to the diff erence between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Please consider this before the purchase.
2.Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.

Product Features

  • SIZE:Length: 22.5cm/8.85in; Width: 1.5cm/0.59in
  • HEALTH CARE ELEMENTS: With strong high powered magnets, negative iron, far infrared, and germanium health care elements.
  • HIGH STRENGTH MAGNETS – Our magnets are premium grade 3000 gauss Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets – Perfect strength for magnetic therapy. Many other magnetic bracelets use much lower quality magnets and lower strength.
  • FUNCTION:Effectively alleviate pain,reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation,it is also used to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and fitness,enhance overall balance.
  • A great birthday gift, Christmas gift, anniversary gift or Valentines day gift.

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