Premium Stress Relief Squeeze Balls Bundle By Freegrace – 7 pcs Hand Exercise & Therapy Set – Great For Kids, Adults & Elders – Physical Rehabilitation & Grip Strengthener – Multiple Resistance Levels

With Freegrace, Stress Relief Is In The Palm Of Your Hand – Literally!

Do you find yourself overstressed from your work, studying or responsibilities?

Aren’t you sick of being unable to relax your racing mind?

Would you like to try an effective stress relief method to help you get some peace of mind?

Freegrace’s squeeze ball, egg and ring bundle may just be exactly what you need.

7 In 1 Ultimate Value Stress Relief Bundle

This great value squeeze ball set includes:

•1 Large soft coated gel core ball (2.36” / 3.42 oz)

•3 thermoplastic rubber progressive resistance level eggs (2.5” x 1.75” / 1.65 oz)

•3 thermoplastic rubber progressive resistance level rings (2.76” x 0.8” / 1.66 oz)

Alleviate Your Stress With A Simple Method Backed By Science

If you think that squeezing a stress relief toy can do nothing to ease your mind, these squeeze balls will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Scientific research has shown that stress relief balls, rings and eggs help you manage your anxiety.

By providing extra sensory information, you trick your mind into shifting its focus from what’s stressing it to the task at hand – which allows you to relax and reduces your levels of anxiety.

Strengthen Your Hands – Combat Arthritis & Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Besides being a stress management tool, squeeze balls are also widely used in physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments to counter the effects of arthritis or atrophy.

They are also a great way to alleviate stiffness and pain and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome – a must to have for anyone working long hours with a computer!

So Don’t Waste Any More Time – Order Your Set Now!

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Product Features

  • ✔ SUPER VALUE 7 IN 1 SET: Freegrace’s stress relief squeeze balls bundle combines seven different colorful items at an unbeatable price you won’t find anywhere else: Three progressive resistance level rubber eggs, three stress relief rings and a soft coated gel core ball. Find the perfect one for you and share the rest with your family!
  • ✔ SQUEEZE THE ANXIETY AWAY: Stress relief balls are actually backed by science! Research has shown that occupying your hands with a minor task – such as squeezing a rubber ball – allows your brain to relax and stop being focused on what’s stressing you.
  • ✔ BUILD UP YOUR HAND STRENGTH: Using a squeeze ball, egg or ring increases circulation and blood flow to your hands, alleviates stiffness or pain and builds up hand, finger and grip strength. That’s why stress relief balls are commonly used but medical experts in physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments.
  • ✔ 3 RESISTANCE LEVELS: The stress relief squeeze eggs and rings come at 3 different resistance levels, color coded for your convenience! Incidentally, this also makes them perfect for progressive physical therapy. Find the one that fits your needs!
  • ✔ 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: We at Freegrace have great confidence in our stress relief squeeze balls and rings. After all, we use them all the time ourselves! If for any reason you do not feel your stress balls meet your expectations, we offer you a 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee!

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*NEW* Hand Grip Exerciser BUNDLE – Grip Strengthener – Adjustable Resistance Trainer for Hand, Fingers and Forearm – Equipment and eBook for Guitar players, Rock Climbing, Arthritis and Therapy – By Activ Accessories

What’s Included?
-1 x 10-40kg adjustable grip exerciser
-1 x 20kg fixed silicon grip exerciser
-1 x “Getting to Grips” downloadable eBook
-1 x Carry pouch

Who is the Activ Accessories Hand Grip Bundle for?
-Those who wish develop a healthy and balanced grip using a range of techniques
-Those who want to improve performance in sports where hand, wrist and forearm strength, coordination and control are required
-Those who need to build strength in order to recover from hand, wrist or forearm injuries such as tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow
-The guitar, violin and drum player who wants to improve wrist, hand and finger strength and endurance so they can play more comfortably
-Those who desire muscle strength in the hands, wrists, fingers and forearms in order to elevate muscle imbalance and prevent injury

Why Activ Accessories?
-We offer you much more than just a hand grip exerciser
-We are an independent company based here in the UK
-We are easy to contact and are happy to support you with your hand grip strength goals
-We are happy to offer you a full refund should you not be 100% satisfied with your purchase

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Product Features

  • ★★ COMPLETE BUNDLE – Included is a 10-40kg adjustable grip exerciser, a 20kg fixed silicon grip exerciser as well as instructions on how to access to the “Getting to Grips” eBook. All of this is packed into a handy carry pouch.
  • ★★ GETTING TO GRIPS BONUS EBOOK (RRP £3.95) – A printable 20 page guide to building grip strength. We show you how to target all of the four elements of grip strength – crushing, pinching, supporting and extension with use of the included products. We’ll also show you additional grip training exercises (which incorporate the use of items that you’ll definitely have in the house), as well as a basic training programme to get you started.
  • ★★ REHABILITATION – The Activ Accessories Grip Bundle can aid in recovery from injuries such as tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel or tennis elbow. Hand grip training also aids with blood circulation.
  • ★★ ERGONOMIC AND PORTABLE – Both grip exercisers are designed to fit the hands of most. They are small enough to fit in your backpack, handbag or even your pocket. Exercise while watching tv, reading, at your office, or on the go.
  • ★★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – We are extremely confident in the quality of our products at Activ Accessories UK. We offer a lifetime guarantee. Reach out to us if there’s ever anything you need; we are dedicated to providing the highest customer satisfaction. Click Add To Cart with confidence now!

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