EASTER OFFER: Copper Bracelet For WOMEN Arthritis; Bio Therapy; 99.9% Pure Copper; Beautiful Floral Design; Commonly worn for Pain Relief and Magnetic Healing; Beautiful Accessory; TCB001

Copper Bracelet for Men Copper Bracelet for Women. Magnetic bracelets are commonly used to treat the symptoms of arthritic conditions. Copper is considered to have anti-inflammatory effects in the body, and may therefore have painkilling properties. One study showed that copper from a bracelet can be absorbed into the body, and it does seem that this can offer some relief from arthritic pain. There are countless reports of people who have found magnetic therapy has relieved a variety of conditions including arthritis, menstrual cramps, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. It is not known for sure how magnets work. What is known, however, is that magnetic fields exist in all living things, including our own bodies, and some scientists believe that an imbalance in the body’s field can lead to pain and disease. It is thought that magnets may rebalance the body’s energy, thereby restoring health and relieving pain. There is also some evidence that magnets may improve blood flow, helping with the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues. This bracelet is a genuine Origin branded product. We will supply your bracelet in a complimentary jewellery box so you can keep it safe when you aren’t wearing it (style may vary). Origin Jewellery will pay for your return postage if you do not like your bracelet for any reason. Please do not wear magnetic jewellery if you have a pacemaker or other electrical medical device unless you have spoken to a health professional. If you have experienced any issues from wearing jewellery items containing plastics, leather, precious and other metals we advise you to only wear products manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel.

Product Features

  • 99.9% pure copper genuine Origin Logo branded bracelet with 6 high strength magnets
  • Stylish floral patterned band supplied with a complimentary jewellery box
  • Strong but flexible, our bracelets can be bent to suit the shape of your wrist
  • Many people report copper bracelets and magnets ease joint pain
  • Origin Jewellery offer a no quibbles money-back guarantee if you are not completely happy

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Multi-function professional 5.9 in 1 LUFU bottle opener. Being effort-saving, safe and efficient in bottle opening, Comfortable beautiful non-slip handle with rubber coating. (Coffee)

Multi-function LUFU bottle opener
A bottle opener is an indispensable tool for each family, kitchen or restaurant.
A versatile high-quality bottle opener can replace many of your kitchen utensils and reduce a lot of economic waste..
LUFU multi-function bottle opener with excellent performance is solid, exquisite and safe, which is undoubtedly your best choice.

Product Features

  • 【Multi-purpose】The strong and reliable structure is able to quickly open beer bottles or canned food covers, open different sizes of bottled beverage lids effortlessly, and tear or pry canned food ring-pulls easily, which is a powerful tool for your family or restaurant.
  • 【Gorgeous structure】The ergonomically designed, exquisite and curved non-slip handle with rubber coating brings more comfortable hand feeling. The rubber ring makes each bottle opening more stable with better performance.
  • 【Portable】It is a durable, small and exquisite restaurant tool with no obvious sharp corners, so you may place it in your pocket or anywhere in the restaurant. Besides, it can also help when you go camping and having dinner in the wild.
  • 【Safe】The unique LUFU six-in-one can opener design is easy to use and suitable for children and the aged suffering from arthritis or left-handers.
  • 【Packaging】A bottle opener is indispensable for each family or kitchen. The small and exquisite multi-function LUFU bottle opener adopts high-quality and gorgeous packaging materials to better protect the product, which is an ideal gift for all occasions.

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Beautiful Hematite Crystal Magnetic Bracelet for Women. Arthritis. RSI. Carpal Tunnel. Migraines

HEALTHY BLING! Attractive to wear, with therapeutic properties, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful bracelet. REALLY BEAUTIFUL Pictures can’t do justice to the beautiful crystals with the different rainbow like, colour flashes. EARTH THERAPY(TM) MAGNETIC BRACELETS – LOVED AROUND THE WORLD Magnetised Hematite is believed to help improve the blood flow around the body, bringing healing nutrients to damaged areas. Magnetic Therapy Bracelets have been worn for hundreds of years as a Healing Aid. Examples of people known to use Magnetic Therapy include the Japanese, Chinese, British and Germans.

Product Features

  • Sparkling high quality Magnetic Therapy bracelet. 32 therapeutic hematite magnets together with 16 colour changing faceted crystals. Stunning looking piece of jewellery,
  • 16 Sparkling Colour Changing Facetted AB Crystals. See flashes of pink, purple, blue, green, gold, etc depending on the light. Set in a Nickel Free, Skin Sensitive Metal Alloy. Stretchable Bracelet Using 4 Extra Strong Elastic Strings, Double Dipped In Nylon.
  • Healing Properties – Magnetic therapy bracelets are believed helpful for many conditions including migraines, arthritis, carpal tunnel, rsi and other wrist problems. Also used to improve energy levels and health & wellbeing.
  • Risk Free – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. One year product warranty.
  • One Size – Fits Most Ladies Wrists. Packaged in nice presentation box. Comes in attractive presentation box (white silky interior) for protection. Lovely as a gift.

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BEAUTIFUL LADIES MAGNETIC BRACELET in a CLASSIC SILVER COLOUR with fold-over clasp. Arthritis Aid.10 Super Strength Magnets Each 3000 Gauss, Plus 11 White Crystals. Natural Pain Relief Rheumatism, RSI, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sports Injuries. INCLUDES FREE MAGNETIC THERAPY EBOOK

The Simple Answer To Natural Pain Relief !!

This beautiful Magnetic Bracelet contains 10 high-powered magnets, each offering 3000 gauss in strength, embedded into each link for maximum comfort. After capping, the strength of each magnet may vary from 2600g-2800g, delivering at least 26,000 gauss from the Bracelet.

It also contains 11 beautiful white crystals, giving the bracelet a style of it’s own!

Exceptionally beautiful in an attractive ‘xo’ design, and manufactured to a very high standard, the Magnetic Bracelet is designed to be worn at the wrist joint, as this is the position that offers the most benefit. It can be made to fit perfectly by removing links.

The Magnetic Bracelet comes in a stylish jewellery box, and makes an ideal gift.

It comes with a FREE eBook ‘Learn To Heal Through Magnetic Therapy’ which is emailed to you as soon as the Bracelet is shipped by Amazon.

Benefit From The Healing Power of Magnets!

– Eases joint stiffness by improving blood circulation, opening the flow of blocked energy and detoxifying the body
– Reduces inflammation due to the improved blood flow
– Places the body in the best environment possible for it to heal itself
– Helps the body to produce more endorphins, which are natural painkillers
– Improves sleep and general wellbeing due to the relief from pain



Product Features

  • NATURAL PAIN RELIEF – Can provide natural pain relief from Arthritis, Rheumatism, RSI, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Golfers and Tennis Elbow, Poor Circulation, Muscle Soreness and Wrist Pain
  • COMBATS REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY – Reduces aches and pains in the wrist and finger joints caused by excessive keyboard typing and computer use
  • SIZE – The Magnetic Bracelet fits wrist sizes up to 7¼” (184mm)
  • FREE eBOOK – Comes with a FREE eBook ‘Learn To Heal Through Magnetic Therapy’ (see more details below)
  • LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – No Quibble Lifetime Money Back Guarantee If Returned Unused!

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