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Pure copper ring. Very comfortable to wear. Hand cut and formed using traditional jewellery tools. I’ve given this a protective coating, but it will patina more over time as that is the beautiful nature of copper. This makes your jewellery uniquely yours and gives it character. It is not considered a defect. Polish your jewellery by rubbing with a regular metal-polishing liquid and cloth. You can also soak it in an acidic solution such as lemon juice/ketchup. Or you can leave the ring to gradually develop a darker antique finish. Please note! Copper develops a patina over time if unused, so be prepared that some items may have a bit of a darker colour upon arrival (I will freshly clean and shine them before shipping them off). This patina can be cleaned off or rubs off with use and can reappear if you don’t use the item for a while or if it is subjected to a humid climate. This is all very normal with copper and also some other metals. Copper is one of the natural materials that ages beautifully, like sterling, wood, brass, bronze, natural stones and so on and unlike some modern materials like plastics.  I usually leave some soldering material on the inside of some rings. Let me know at purchase if this bothers you, and I can remove it from the item you have purchased before shipping it. The ring will arrive in a nice craft box ready to be a gift. Simply let me know your ring size upon purchase. If you are unsure of your ring size, you can measure the circumference of your finger where the ring lies with a strip of paper and let me know this measurement – I will work out the size for you. Made to order Don’t know your ring size? Print this out and measure your finger! : bit.ly/18YAKN4

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