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What is the VIA Hand Exerciser?

The VIA Hand Exerciser is a hand, finger and forearm strengthener for musicians, occupational therapy and sportspeople such as; golfers, snooker players and climbers. An ergonomic base provides comfort and stability during use. The VIA is build around loaded with independent piston springs which provide smooth operation and prevent strong fingers overcompensating for weaker ones. This allows the hand to improve in strength without jeopardizing dexterity.

How does it work?

The VIA Hand Exerciser is a digit strengthener for musicians, sports enthusiasts and occupational therapy patients. Featuring independently loaded piston springs which provide smooth operation and allow each digit to train independently the VIA allows for consistency across the hand. Santoprene rubber allows the user a comfortable training aid which builds strength, improves dexterity and increases coordination. The VIA Hand Exerciser medium contains 6lbs of pressure for each finger.

Product Features

  • Lower tension resistance levels. Ideal for use during rehabilitation of arm & hand conditions
  • Use for rehab of fractured fingers, AcromioClavicular (AC) joint injuries, dislocated shoulder and
  • Muscular damage in the forearm and upper arm. Allows to strenghten fingers individually
  • Encourages better communication between hand & arm muscle. For improved hand control in many sports
  • Features a larger palm bar for increased comfort and better ergonomics

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