Conquering Arthritis: What Doctors Don’t Tell You Because They Don’t Know

This book is newly revised and updated with important information that makes healing from arthritis even easier and quicker. It has been used with great success by many people with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other forms of arthritis, to heal themselves. It provides practical, detailed information that is critical for the successful healing of arthritis, but that has never before been collected in one place. The information is organized into a well-researched, easy-to-follow plan for getting well again and includes case histories of people with dramatic and lasting recoveries. It focuses not just on coping with the symptoms of arthritis, but on correcting its underlying causes using proven alternative medicine and pain management techniques. Anyone who is serious about healing from arthritis needs this book.

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EOZY Breathable Ankle Support Sport Sock Arthritis Guard Wrap Blue For Bruise Injury Bandage Sprains

Color: Blue
Material: Cotton, Terylene, Acrylic fiber, Rubber , polyester
Length: 20cm(7.8″)
Circumference of top circle: 17cm to 26cm(6.63″ to 10.14″)
Circumference of bottom circle: 16cm to 24cm(6.24″ to 9.36″)
Promotes blood circulation
Helps keeping body heat
Suitable for sports and work related injuries ,home, leisure and any supports activities
Provide underprop and protect ankle and muscle joints
Machine wash in cold water and air dry
Washable and reusable
Specialy designed one size fits all without restricting movement
Easy stretchable for better fit
Package Content: 1 x Pair Ankle Brace Protection

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50 Things You Can Do to Manage Arthritis

Over nine million people suffer from arthritis in the UK. Are you one of them? Learn how genetics, age, infections, diet, excess weight, previous injuries and stress contribute. * Choose beneficial foods and supplements * Find out which types of exercise can best bring relief * Discover practical tips to make everyday living easier

Product Features

  • New
  • Mint Condition
  • Dispatch same day for order received before 12 noon
  • Guaranteed packaging
  • No quibbles returns

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Trideer® Tennis/Golf Elbow Supports Brace Strap Aids, Forearm Brace, Adjustable Neoprene Trainning Elbow Support Brace Sleeve Bandage Wrap Splint Grip hyperextension with Compression Pad for Men & Women(Ladies) – Pain Relief, Ease the Symptoms of Tennis, Golfers and Racket Sports Players Elbow – One Pack(Black)

Simple yet effective strap applies pressure to the forearm and elbow to ease the symptoms of Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow and more.

– Designed to reduce tendon irritation and overuse – Improves behavior during sports and daily activities
– Fits left or right arm
– Durable outer layer
– High strength stitching
1. If you have any health problems, please consult with your doctor before using elbow brace or undertaking any exercise.
2. Hand wash cold preferred.
3. Warranty period: One Year Warranty from the date of purchase.

Product Features

  • Extensive Application -Trideer tennis elbow support with EVA pad can be used during a range of racket sports such as tennis and badminton as well as work activities to help prevent and reduce pain and discomfort caused by tennis elbow.
  • Premium Quality – The elbow support is made using soft, lightweight, moisture wicking and anti-microbial materials that provide superior comfort, while the high strength stitching creates a strong, long lasting fit, and to protect the product against odor, staining and discoloration caused by bacteria and micro-organisms.
  • Tendon and Pain Relief – Offers pain relief by targeting the tendons responsible for the bending and extending movements of the wrist joint, which can be used during any activity such as tennis or golf that involves a strong grip or strain on the forearm and elbow.
  • One Size Fits All – The elbow brace is available in one size and features an adjustable strap. The brace will fit up between 9-13inch/23-33cm circumference. Please keep the elbow slightly bent(about 30°) and measure the circumference around the elbow.
  • Warranty period – 12 months from the date of purchase. If your not thrilled, simply contact our reliable customer service team and you will receive unmatched personal assistance.

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Homecraft AA8056Y Handi-Reacher Long Arm Pickup Tool/Reaching Aid, Retail Packed – 76 cm/30 inch

The lightweight Handy Reacher is an ideal grabber tool for extending you reach so that you can pick up hard to reach objects and can also be used for tasks such as litter picking. The reaching aid is available in three lengths and has rubber lined jaws to ensure a good grip on items that are picked up.

The handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip and is large enough to allow you to use all four fingers when squeezing the trigger. The trigger only needs to move a small distance to close the claws at the end of the reaching tool making it ideal for anyone arthritic fingers or limited grip strength by allowing use of the power grip.

The Handy Reacher is particularly useful for anyone who suffers with back or hip pain and has difficulty bending down to reach for or pick up items off the floor. Reaching Aids can also be very useful devices for anyone who has recently had a hip replacement for example and has limited mobility.

The Homecraft Handy Reacher can also be used as a general long reach grabber around the home to help pick up items in difficult to reach areas such as high cupboards, or in the garden, to reduce the risk of back strain from frequent bending to pick up items – such as picking up litter, leaves etc…

Instructions for use

Point the reacher to the object you want, squeeze the trigger to the jaws, clutch and, place where you require it. The head rotates to pick up at different angles, a magnetic tip can easily collect pins etc…

Product Features

  • Homecraft lightweight and robust long handled reacher is designed to help those with restricted reach or mobility problems
  • Easy to use grabbing tool can be used to pick up items from the floor or hard to reach places either outside in the garden or in the home
  • The grabber features a moving head, with rubber lined jaws for grip, which rotates 360 degrees to eliminate the need to twist the wrist, helping to reduce wrist strain when picking up items at varying angles
  • The easy to grip handle allows you to use all four fingers to squeeze the trigger reducing strain on the fingers making it ideal if you have a weak grip or suffer with arthritis
  • The handy reacher also features a magnet for picking up small metal items such as pins, needles paperclips and keys, and a dressing hook allows the reacher to be used as a dressing aid

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Revolutionary Joint Supplements for Dogs – Relief from Stiff, Arthritic Joints – Easing Pain & Discomfort from Arthritis – Joint Aid Reducing Inflamation – Providing your Canine with Increased Mobility & Quality of Life – 100% Natural Ingredients – Glucosamine – Chondroitin – Green Lipped Mussel – MSM – Hyaluronic Acid – Manganese – Curcumin & Vitamin C Aid Immune Support – 120 Succulent Chicken Flavour Tablets – Manufactured in the UK – Free Delivery – 100% Customer Satisfaction – Pure Movement

Is your ‘four legged friend’ struggling on walks? Are they suffering with Arthritis or stiff joints? Do they struggle to stand or move the way they used to?

If so, then treat your beloved dog to the “Pure Movement” way of life.

Pure Movement is a revolutionary blend of 100% naturally sourced ingredients, specially designed to increase mobility and reduce pain, for your “four legged” companions.

This advanced joint support supplement, manufactured in the UK, is effective for your dog; whether they are young or old, active or simply enjoy a slower pace in life.

Pure Movement is proven to be effective for;

– relieving pain and discomfort, caused by ailments such as arthritis

– promoting healthy joints, by protecting and repairing cartilage, and increasing natural lubrication

– increasing mobility, by relieving stiff joints and reducing inflammation

– Overall, giving your dog an improved quality of life

Made from only the highest quality, 100% Naturally sourced Ingredients – Contains: glucosamine, chondroitin, Green Lipped Mussel, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, & Vitamin C to aid absorption.

Each bottle of Pure Movement contains 120 easy to administer, succulent chicken flavoured tablets and can be given alone, with food or even crushed! The unique design of this slimline bottle allows it to fit right through your letter box, so no more visits to the parcel collection office !!

Recommended Daily Dose: Dogs up to 15kg – 1 tablet, Dogs from 16-30kg – 2 tablets, Dogs from 31-45kg – 3 tablets, Dogs over 45kg – 4 tablets.

Pure Movement – 100% Pure – 100% Effective

Product Features

  • Pure Movement is a REVOLUTIONARY SUPPLEMENT, specifically designed to PROMOTE HEALTHY, FREE MOVING JOINTS, helping your much loved “four legged friend” lead an active and fulfilling life.
  • The ADVANCED FORMULA, is packed full of 100% NATURALLY SOURCED VITAMINS, including glucosamine and chondroitin, providing relief from stiff joints, arthritic pain & discomfort. Increasing movement and joint flexibility, whilst reducing inflamation.
  • Each bottle contains 120 TASTY CHICKEN FLAVOURED TABLETS, that your dog will adore. Pure Movement is proven to be effective for dogs with active lifestyles, as well as for those veteran canines that enjoy the quieter pace of life. Large, small, young or old, repay your dogs loyalty and TREAT THEM TO THE “PURE MOVEMENT” WAY OF LIFE.
  • We only produce the HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS for your beloved dogs and therefore manufacture Pure Movement here in the UK, to GMP Code of Practice and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification. Ensuring product quality and safety prerequisites are exceeded, guaranteeing you CONSISTENTLY HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS.
  • FREE DELIVERY – 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION or money back guarantee

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Curing Arthritis the Drug-free Way

All our books are used but in good condition. All books checked carefully for damage before listing.EXCELLENT value for money and ready for dispatch using Amazons fufillment service.We believe you will be completely satisfied with our quick and reliable service. All orders are dispatched as swiftly as possible

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IMAK Arthritis Gloves Small

These genuine IMAK Arthritis Gloves are designed to help relieve aches, pains, swelling, cold hands and stiffness associated with arthritis of the hands. The unique design of the IMAK Arthritis Gloves provides mild compression for warmth and helps increase circulation, which ultimately reduces pain and promotes healing.

Use these gloves to relieve arthritis, hand fatigue, cold hands and other types of hand and wrist pain. They may also help with neuropathy of the hands and poor circulation. These Arthritis Gloves are made of soft, breathable cotton Lycra. Latex-free, these IMAK Arthritis Gloves are made of soft, breathable cotton/lycra, meaning they are comfortable enough to wear all day and night.

The open fingertips allow you complete freedom to feel, touch and grip, so you can perform daily tasks like office work, texting, knitting, crafts and hobbies, gardening, housework and anything else that you would normally do without any problems

Product Features

  • Provides mild compression to enhance blood circulation and warm hands. Open fingertips allow freedom to touch. Comfortable to use all day and night. If you need anti-slip gripping for more hands-on activities where grip is required, please see the new IMAK Active Arthritis Gloves
  • The arthritis gloves are made of Soft, 92% Cotton/8% Spandex which allows the skin to breathe. It maintains its elasticity over time. Hand-wash cold, air dry. Designed by an Orthopaedic Specialist. Currently, the IMAK Arthritis Gloves are the only gloves on the market to receive an Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation
  • Size Matters: Be wary of compression gloves that claim to be “Universal” or “One size fits all”. Compression that is too tight can be dangerous and cut off your circulation. Compression that is too loose is ineffective and offers little relief. Look for gloves that are sized appropriately to fit your hand.
  • *Open fingertips are an attractive feature, as they allow you the freedom to touch, grip and feel while wearing the gloves. To measure your hand for the size you need: With your palm side up, take a ruler, place it across the base of your fingers (inside of lowest knuckles) and measure the distance across your palm. Choose from the following sizes – X-Small: up to 2 3/4″ (7cm), Small: up to 3 1/8″ (7.93cm), Medium: up to 3 1/2″ (8.89cm), Large: up to 4″ (10cm), X-Large: up to 4 1/2″ (11.5cm)
  • Ideal for activities of daily living, for example: driving, gardening, crafts and hobbies and office use.

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Medipaq® Anti ARTHRITIS Gloves with COPPER Therapy Compression

Anti-Arthiritis Copper Health Gloves

Soothe Hurting Hands

– The Medipaq® Anti-Arthritis gloves use both compression and infused copper to offer the optimum support, comfort, and relief from the symptoms of arthritis.

– By supporting the hands our gloves help to prevent further damage to the tissue.

– Compression helps with blood flow and circulation to and from the affected joints.

– Copper has been used for generations to help with the pain and swelling that plague those who suffer from joint pain, stiffness, and tenderness in the muscles that arthritis sufferers endure.

– The copper dots are placed in all the key areas of the hand to give the optimum pain relief.

– Our gloves are made of ultra-light compression material that allows the skin to breath even as it supports and works to reduce the swelling, and tenderness.

– The joints of the hand are supported giving the wearer a more confident grip when tackling daily tasks such as opening a bottle, turning a doorknob, typing or using a pair of scissors.

– Please choose your size from the drop-down menu using the size guide above

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Product Features

  • The Medipaq® Anti-Arthritis gloves use both compression and infused copper to offer the optimum support, comfort, and relief from the symptoms of arthritis
  • Compression helps with blood flow, and circulation to and from the affected joints
  • Copper has been used for generations to help with the pain and swelling that plague those who suffer from joint pain, stiffness, and tenderness in the muscles that arthritis sufferers endure
  • Our gloves are made of ultra-light compression material that allows the skin to breath even as it supports and works to reduce the swelling, and tenderness
  • To view our other GREAT OFFERS, click the ‘Great Ideas’ link under the item price above and on the following page click ‘Great Ideas Storefront’

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Medically Approved: Deluxe “Frog” Finger Immobilising Splint made from malleable aluminium – Suitable for any finger or either hand (trigger finger, arthritis, broken bones) (Small: Finger Circ: Upto 5.5cm)

Frog Finger Immobilising Splint in malleable aluminium

Product Features

  • “Frog” Finger immobilising splint is lightweight malleable aluminium lined with a soft & breathable interior foam
  • Breathable interior ensures sweat is wicked away, enhancing comfort for user
  • Splint will adapt to the contour of any finger/thumb on either hand, and can be adjusted to any desired position
  • Indicated for use in broken/fractured fingers, post-op, trigger finger, arthritic finger or when ever necessary to immobilise the distal interphalangeal joint
  • Supplied to the NHS

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