How we got to Trump: blame game begins among fellow Republicans

Eleven months ago, the business owners candidacy appeared like a related activity; currently, hes the most likely GOP governmental candidate. Exactly how did the country get here?

As the news sinks in, a palpable feeling of shock is clearing up over much of America of the sort generally reserved for the day after major organic disasters. Donald Trump, the realty magnate once understood largely for his mop of orange hair, perma-tan and also catch phrase Youre discharged!, has come to be the presumptive governmental nominee of the Republican celebration.

The country, consisting of lots of leading figures within the GOP itself, is battling ahead to terms with the unimaginable, the dishonest, the downright ridiculous: theoretically, Trump is now one brief jump away from the White House. To say that the news has agitated the celebration which he is now the nominal head would certainly be a gross exaggeration thunderstruck, made speechless or ravaged would be closer to the mark.

On Wednesday the last challenger to the previous truth TV celebrity, the governor of Ohio John Kasich, concluded he had no other way to take on Trump in the wake of the Indiana main the day before. The Republican race was over.

When asked by the Guardian to describe the effect on the Republican celebration of Trumps now-inevitable nomination, Rick Wilson, a noticeable traditional strategist who worked with the governmental projects of both George Bushes, replied: Exactly what Republican politician event? The celebration I adulted in is done, its over. As long as Donald Trump is the meaning of our brand, its dead.

< source media= "(min-width: "0px)and also( -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1.25 ),( min-width: 0px)and (min-resolution: 120dpi)"dimensions="445px"srcset=""890w"> Trump reveals that he will certainly run for president of the United States, in the entrance hall of Trump Tower, New york city, 16 June 2015. Picture: Richard Drew/AP Charlie Sykes, a popular conservative radio host in Milwaukee, stated: Donald Trump stands for the antithesis of everything I have actually fought for in the last 30 years. He is a neo-fascist buffoon. Influential conventional experts are getting in touch with party members to function to maintain Trump from safeguarding one of the most effective work in the world. Mark Salter, a planner for the 2008 Republican politician candidate John McCain, reached to say on Twitter that he would certainly vote for Hillary Clinton, tweeting:, whose pledge has greater than 30,000 signatories. Exactly how did it come to this? How did an occasion that

several experts forecasted would never ever happen come to pass? A recall at exactly how Trump ran his key project throws up much more concerns compared to responses. It is less complicated to provide the things

that he has actually done wrong in the previous year compared to those he has done right. In the 11 months considering that he stated his candidateship for the presidency, he has actually dishonored a wide range of ethnic as well as spiritual teams, disregarded age-old wisdom regarding ways to run a political campaign and also taken policy placements way past the mainstream. And, in ways that people are only starting to accept and comprehend, it has actually functioned. Even his child Eric, speaking to the Guardian at the triumph celebration on Tuesday evening in Trump Tower, the prospects gauchely glittering Manhattan house, revealed surprise at exactly how his papa had actually drawn it off. Hes done an amazing work, for a male that has actually never been a politician and has self-funded his campaign. When mad as heck and also they werent going take the mainstream Republican celebration any more.< number itemprop ="associatedMedia"image"itemscope itemtype=

“”data-component= “image”class=”aspect”element-image img– landscape fig– narrow-caption fig– has-shares”data-media-id=”44c701c2157fd9c2607bc05ae41ffcdea3f174b7″id=”img-3″>< div course=" u-responsive-ratio">< resource media="(min-width:"660px)and(-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1.25),(min-width: 660px )and also(min-resolution: 120dpi)" dimensions="620px" srcset=""1240w"> < resource media= "(min-width:"0px)and(-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1.25), (min-width: 0px )and(min-resolution: 120dpi) "dimensions="445px" srcset=" "890w"> Sarah Palin endorses Republican governmental prospect Donald Trump during a rally in Ames, Iowa, 19 January 2016

. Photo: Mary Altaffer/AP Trump showed to be pretty amusing, also if visceral assaults against rivals such as Lyin Ted Cruz were your sort of entertainment. The unlikeliest of governmental candidates started to attract substantial crowds across the north-east. As the no doubt bloody and also long-lasting post-mortem begins, numerous fingers of blame are being pointed at the media, which afforded the prospect copious amounts of totally free broadcast in return for outstanding watching figures as well as web clicks. As long earlier as March, the Twitter feed that today brings in virtually eight million followers. Similar to so much of his campaign, the normal guidelines of presidential electioneering didnt appear to put on him he can conspiracy theory theories and spout self-deportation of undocumented immigrants which made Romneys later on GOP delegates Learn more:

Mentally ill in solitary: ‘We’re not addressing the problem, were making it worse’

In Florida, one in five mentally ill prisoners is in solitary confinement. For Kristopher Pena, being diagnosed with schizophrenia began a nightmare

After her son tore off his penis with his bare hands in his cell, Gemma Pena thought Floridas prison authorities might see his illness. Theyd see he needed a hospital, instead of solitary confinement.

No, she said. Thats when the nightmare really started.

As her son Kristopher has moved through Floridas prison system; so has Pena, relocating around the state to stay close to him. Now she lives in a tiny one-room apartment in a run-down Miami neighborhood. Theres a bed, a small table, two chairs, and a little window. She keeps the door locked. She lives in a solitary confinement of her own.

The room is tidy to the point of emptiness. But as she talked about her son, materials emerged from hiding places. Childhood mementos from under the bed, medical records in a closet. Before long they covered the table, the chairs, spilling on to the floor. She has saved everything everything starting with his birth certificate, the Happy Tooth Cavity Fighter Club certificate, and eventually darker certifications from mental institutions.

Recently she unearthed them like an archeologist, moving through the layers from his childhood through his illness and imprisonment. But then the record falls silent, for two years. He disappeared.

They call it the box, she said.

Solitary confinement 6×9

Solitary prisoners live in isolation, but in Florida theyre far from alone. One in eight prisoners in the state lives in solitary confinement, according to recent statistics from the Florida department of corrections (FDC). Thats more than three times the average in state prisons across the nation.

One in five prisoners with mental illness is in solitary, and among juveniles housed in adult prisons the number jumps to one in three.

At any time, across the United States there are 80,000 to 100,000 people in solitary confinement, which means Florida alone with more than 12,000 isolated inmates accounts for one in eight of the US total.

Those statistics recently spurred the American Civil Liberties Union in Florida to send a letter to the US Department of Justice, requesting a federal investigation. We wish to bring to your attention the overuse of solitary confinement in our state, the organization wrote. It cited President Obamas recent ban on confining juveniles to solitary in federal prisons as an indication that in many cases isolation is not useful, and in others its harmful.

Florida is one of the major if not the major states in the country that has relied on incarceration as the solution to its problems, Howard Simon, head of the ACLU in Florida, recently told the Guardian. Piling people into prisons, he said, has left the states prison wardens with no choice but to use solitary confinement. They dont have the staff to handle so many prisoners.

The Florida department of corrections disputes the numbers the ACLU used to call for federal intervention. Theyre just incorrect, said McKinley Lewis, the FDCs spokesman.

The FDC itself, though, submitted the same statistics to a survey by Yale University of solitary confinement. Well, that was never meant for public disclosure, Lewis said. The correct numbers, he said, are lower. There was some confusion over the definition of solitary confinement. Some people will say that death row isnt solitary confinement, some people will say that it is. Sometimes it has to do with how much time is spent outside.

He did not have the correct numbers at hand, he said.

The FDC announced this month that it hopes to hire 4,000 new corrections officers to help staff prisons. Currently it employs just over 16,000. But the attrition rate among officers is so high that even if the hiring program is completely successful, according to Lewis, the new total will come to close to 18,000.

Staffing is the short-range problem, Simon said. The long-range problem is that Floridas legislature is imposing polices on the prison system, like mandatory sentencing, that drive up the population.

As the quantity of imprisonment goes up, inevitably the quality of oversight goes down. Take people with mental health problems who are put in solitary, Simon said. Not only are we not addressing the problem, were making it worse.

One afternoon in 2001, Gemma Pena came home from work and climbed into her shower. No matter how far she rotated the handle, though, no hot water came out.

Kristopher Pena, shortly before his schizophrenia set in. Photograph: courtesy of Gemma Pena

She went to her sons Kristophers room, where he was in his bed. That seemed strange. He was 14, and until a few days earlier he had spent all his time outside, active.

Kris, she said. Have you had a shower?

Yes. Ive had many showers, he said.

Many? Is that why theres no hot water?

He unfolded himself from the bed, and took his mother to the utility room, and climbed on a counter to reach the top of the water heater.

See? he said.

Pena stared at him, confused. She had immigrated from Cuba, and worked to make sure Kristopher and her other two sons were as American as possible. Kristopher had recently won honors at MacDill air force base, and been appointed a petty officer by the navy cadet corps. He planned to become a Navy Seal, and had already earned a black belt in taekwondo. His quick mind was the pride of the family.

But a few days earlier Pena noticed him mumbling to himself. He slept more than he had before. Pena works as a cardiovascular technician. Shes not a doctor, but she knew enough to feel alarmed.

Now she looked up at him, standing over their water heater, where he held a fistful of wires that should have run into the ceiling. Theyve got a device, he told her. Theyre trying to listen to us.


The CIA, he said.

Paranoid schizophrenia, the doctors said.

The next years were a blur of medicines and paperwork and what Pena calls Baker-Acting. The Baker Act is Floridas statute that allows involuntary hospitalization of patients too mentally ill to ask for help.

For the next few years no day was predictable, but every day fit a pattern. The mother and son fell into a rhythm familiar to most anyone who has cared for a mentally ill loved one: Kristopher would have a mental crisis paranoia, or hallucinations and she would take him to a facility. Doctors would give him medicines, stabilize his mind, and release him. He would take the medicine until he felt better, and then he would stop.

Pena used trays of pill holders, dozens of them, to simplify the complex dosages, but she would find him hiding the pills away.

They make me stupid, mom, he told her.

In his late teens someone introduced him to drugs that needed no fiddly pill holders or motherly devotion. Drugs that didnt make his mind feel sluggish. So when he drifted away from his prescribed medicines, he smoked and snorted whatever his friends had. It kept his mind tuned to white noise.

Pena knew what he was doing. And she knew Miami. So she moved north, to rural Polk County, where she lived on several acres with a pond and fresh air. This will do him some good, she thought. But the schizophrenia followed them into the countryside.

One night in the midst of a crisis, Pena couldnt get Kristopher to come to the hospital. He ran and hid, and eventually police came out to search for him. As a helicopter circled the property and officers combed the grounds, Pena realized the police were not equipped to handle her son. They hunt criminals, not patients. Eventually the officers found Kristopher hiding underwater in the pond, and tasered him until he submitted.

The drug problem grew worse. One day in 2008 a team of tactical officers crashed into Penas house as she was showering. They were looking for Kristopher, who was 21 now. Apparently he had been trying to buy drugs, and someone either he or the other person pulled a pistol. In the ensuing scuffle Kristopher shot the guys leg, Pena said, and ran away.

A few days later Kristopher turned himself in.

Four years, Pena said, sitting at her kitchen table.

From her hand a stack of letters from doctors cascaded on to her table.

Despite a lifetime of medical paperwork, she said, the state took four years to decide whether Kristopher was competent to stand trial. During those four years his pattern continued, behind locked doors: he would have an episode, his jailers would send him for treatment at a mental hospital, and he would repeat. Pena spent this time shuttling between doctors, begging hospital doctors and prison doctors to talk with each other. But after four years the state decided that yes, he was competent. He took a plea deal for a 10-year sentence for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

From Polk County jail he moved to Dade Correctional Institution, back in Miami, and Pena followed him there. The last time she saw him there, in late 2012, she talked to him through a small hole in a glass divider.

He leaned in. Who are you?

Its me, baby. Its your mom.

She stared at him as he looked over one shoulder and then the other. She could smell him through the divider.

Have you showered Kris? You dont smell good.

Gemma Pena in her kitchen, showing Kristophers baby footprints from the hospital. Photograph: Matthew Teague

He leaned back. Oh, he said, raising his voice. Now I guess you want me to take a hot shower. Is that what you want? You want me to take a hot shower?

Pena stared, baffled. She didnt know that another mentally ill inmate, 50-year-old Darren Rainey, had recently died at Dade Correctional, when guards locked him in a shower for more than two hours with the hot water turned to the maximum. In January the local medical examiner ruled that Rainey had died of a combination of schizophrenia, heart disease and confinement in the shower. So far no charges have been brought against any of the guards watching Rainey, who was in solitary confinement.

Shortly after that last visit Kristopher, now in his late 20s, disappeared into the box.

It could have been anything, Pena said. Any little infraction. The guards say, Walk on this line, or Step into this cell, and give him a little push. He might push back, because he has no idea whats going on.

A court eventually granted Pena power of attorney for Kristopher, which meant she could access his medical records. And they horrified her: suicide attempts. Self-injury. At one point he had torn off most of his penis, which doctors at a local hospital had sutured back together.

In her kitchen as she remembered it, Pena slowly looked up at her ceiling, leaning back while her eyes filled. Once the tears broke, she tilted forward until her face touched the pile of papers on the table before her. You dont know what its like, she said. Its torture.

For two years Pena lobbied to see her son, without success. Her requests for visitation were denied because he was unfit for visitors. He wasnt safe.

Finally, in 2015, she gained a visit. Across the divider she saw a metal cylinder with holes, where Kristopher would sit.

Beyond it, down the hall, she saw four guards walk an old man in shackles toward the visiting room. A guard steadied each arm, because the inmate could hardly walk. And with growing horror Pena realized the old man was her son.

She recoiled, and burst into tears, as they moved him into the enclosed cylinder. He had lost 100 pounds, and his hair. His normally brown skin was white. The last time she had seen him, he had not recognized her.

And now, after time in solitary confinement, she could not recognize him.

In the visiting area there was a small commissary where family members could buy up to $50 in food. Pena bought $50 in hamburgers and gave them to the guards, who took them to Kristopher in his cylinder. The visit lasted two hours, and neither mother nor son spoke. For two hours she watched him eat hamburgers in silence.

She was allowed to send a few dollars each month to an account that Kristopher could use for food and toiletries beyond the standard fare. All he had to do was fill out a small form indicating what he wanted to buy.

How much money is in his account? she asked the prison administrators.

$500, they told her.

A couple of months ago Pena received word that Kristopher had been taken out of solitary confinement. He was taking a new medicine, prison officials told her. Haldol.

Kristophers overseers had reached back to the 1950s, at the height of Americas mental-institution boom. Drug-makers invented Haldol as a knockout drug, essentially, for schizophrenic patients. Hound dog, nurses call it today.

Now that hes back in the general prison population Kristopher can receive visitors on Thursdays. He has been moved to Union Correctional, near Jacksonville. Its six and a half hours from Miami. So Pena rations out her vacation days, and once a month, after work on Wednesday, she drives through the night to the prison. She endures the searching and probing, sits with her son a little while, and then drives back south toward her little apartment.

Its exhausting. And all of it the paperwork, the lobbying, the doctors, the advocating has disrupted her life until it is unrecognizable to her. Kristophers father died a few years ago, and Pena weeps at the idea of trying to start a new life with someone else. I dont want to be a woman any more, she said, trembling. I only want to be a mother.

Last year the governor of Florida appointed a new secretary of the department of corrections, Julie Jones, who has indicated interest in alternatives to isolation. This month she attended a conference on solitary confinement at Yale.

Afterward she wrote that it is important that we take into serious consideration the challenges faced by this practice along with the realities that necessitate it.

McKinley Lewis, the FDCs spokesman, said: Its a passion of hers.

Pena remains skeptical. Only God can change it, she said.

On Haldol, Kristopher is semi-present. His eyes drift away from hers, and shell playfully snap her fingers to catch his attention. Sometimes he simply falls asleep, and she watches him. Its like having a little boy again, almost.

When he was a teenager, between schizophrenic episodes he talked about using his disability check to get a place of his own. Now, as a 30-year-old man who is both ancient and toddling, he sometimes talks about being released in 2018.

Hes had enough alone time, he told his mother during her last visit.

Mom, he said. Can I live with you?

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When Larry Wilmore said the N-word to President Obama, I felt black pride | Rebecca Carroll

At the White House Correspondents Dinner, Wilmore called Obama the N-word. I do not enable it in my house, but I understand it has its place in black society

Even though I have actually never ever liked the noise of the N-word, and also have just ever before directly experienced it in a negative context, I could not have been a lot more moved by Larry Wilmores usage of the word in his closing opinions as host of the White Residence Correspondents Supper on Saturday evening.

Wilmore said to Barack Obama: Yo Barry, you did it, my n– a, battering his upper body as well as adopting the brother-love accept. Doing so, he damaged comedic personality to tell the president, to a large level in support of black America, how purposeful it has been for us to have actually seen him in workplace for the past 8 years. Whether visitors agree or disagree with his plans, as Wilmore noted previously in his little bit I agree with the plan that hes black the welcome stood for a minute filled with the susceptability, truth and power of 2 black males seeing each various other in a The U.S.A. that devalues, profiles, jails as well as eliminates them at a stunning rate.

I was introduced to the N-word long before I had any type of genuine understanding of its organization with blackness and also black culture. Absolutely, when I first heard it from the mouth of a white play area bully in the fourth or 5th grade, I knew it was not indicated as a regard to endearment. But as a black child taken on into a white family members, I had actually never ever heard the word and also its significance reviewed. It wasnt until senior high school, after Id checked out James Baldwin as well as other black writers, interacted with some black children during summer seasons out of town and also heard hip-hop that I pertained to recognize that it was a word not just made complex, but extremely stuffed. The level of fraughtness is completely reliant upon who says it as well as to whom.

How to lose weight for summer: 32 tips from top doctors | Fox News


Everyone has some element of his or her being that creates a bit of distress. Whether its awkwardly long fingers, a however located mole, or a few added pounds around the stomach, we all have 1 or 2 aspects of our very own bodies that pest us or that we desire we can change. While some points are more difficult to change than others, our weight is something that could move if wanted to put in the work making it happen.

With summertime just a few months away, made sure that lots of you are fervently seeking methods to get your body all set for bathing suit period. There are a lot of fad diets and fad diet around, which many individuals count on in such times of body-weight-induced distress, yet these approaches are normally unhealthy and also the results are commonly fleeting. In order to give you with some of the best means to slim down for beach season, weve reached out to leading physicians, each concentrating on health areas as differed as cardiology, sleep medicine, cosmetic surgery, as well as hormone balancing, in order to get professional guidance.

Dr. Michael S. Fenster, MD, FACC, FSCA&I, PEMBA, a professor at The University of Montana College of Health and wellness Professions as well as Biomedical Sciences, has solid sentences when it comes to the consumption of fish and shellfish, sushi and otherwise. Particularly, he has a couple of fish bones to choose with among one of the most widely available kinds of seafood in The U.S.A. today: tilapia.

He says, There are trillions of microorganisms in our intestinal tracts some excellent as well as some bad. But when we eat the incorrect foods or are exposed to contaminants in the environment, the bad germs are allowed to proliferate and outnumber the excellent germs. These bad microorganisms wind up ruining the digestive tract lining, developing holes that allow undigested food bits, toxic substances, and dangerous germs to travel through the digestive tract wall surface and also into the bloodstream. These international invaders after that wreak havoc on the body and the damages manifests in a different way in every person. Some create diabetic issues or gallbladder issues, while others gain weight or establish dry, scratchy skin.

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Click on this link for the 10 Best Foods for Brain Wellness.

Go for 7 Hours of Rest Each Evening

Obtain 7 hrs of rest per evening, says Dr. Robert Ziltzer, MD FACP, FAAP, Weight problems Medication Qualified. Sleep deprivation enhances appetite and also fat-building hormonal agents.

Inadequate of sleep causes the over manufacturing of the hormone ghrelin, states Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg, DO, FCCP, Board Accredited Rest Medicine Medical professional as well as writer of The Physician’s Guide to Rest Solutions for Tension & & Anxiety. This appetite-stimulating hormonal agent is created by the belly. Actually, when chronically raised, ghrelin causes an enhanced food craving for carbs, specifically noncomplex carbs, which leads to a fast surge in blood sugar complied with by rises in insulin. This combination results in raised fat storage and nocturnal eating right at a time when we are the least likely to be able to shed calories.

Avoid Foods With Bad Germs

Stay clear of the foods that feed the bad microorganisms, including sugar, gluten, as well as traditional dairy, says Dr. Josh Axe, MD, a qualified physician of alternative medicine, doctor of chiropractic, as well as a medical nutritional expert. This will certainly help you slim down while repairing any kind of damages triggered by dripping intestine.

Brush Your Pearly whites After Dinner

Dr. Robert Ziltzer suggests cleaning your teeth after dinner as opposed to having a treat. We understand that this is often much easier claimed than done, but its a quite effective (and also sanitary) method. If you cant resist eating after supper, see to it your bedtime treat is packed with protein as well as slow-digesting healthy and balanced fats. And then comb your teeth.

Chew Much more Gradually

Research studies reveal that consuming slower as well as enhancing chewing actually helps one accomplish satiety quicker, claims Dr. Scott Weiss, DPT, ATC, CSCS, FACSM, a licensed physical therapist, board-certified sports fitness instructor, registered exercise physiologist, stamina and conditioning expert and progressed individual fitness instructor. Educating yourself to eat much more slowly during a dish will certainly make you really feel as though your tummy is full quicker and also for that reason [you will certainly] consume much less calories.

Click on this link to see The Rest of the Ways to Drop weight for the Summer

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Now You Can Get Pizza In A Pizza Box Made Out Of Pizza

Pizza is the very best, yet allowed’& rsquo; s encounter it: Pizza boxes

are the most awful.’They & rsquo; re clunky. Cardboard feels horrible on your fingers. When you’& rsquo; re do with your pizza, you could’& rsquo; t recycle the box for anything due to the fact that it & rsquo; s covered in horrible oil. It simply rests by your door enticing bugs until you could work up the inspiration to drag out it to the garbage, because the grease as well as cheese spots commonly render them non-recyclable. (Though if you have a garden compost bin, you can compost them!.


!!)Say goodbye to. Brooklyn pizza joint Vinnie’& rsquo; s Restaurant has actually fixed this plethora of problems
by creating a
pizza box that’& rsquo; s constructed of pizza. Ball of wax will certainly run you $40, yet hey, it’& rsquo; s additionally a great deal more pizza than simply a pizza. Owner Sean Berthiaume created the concept because he was burnt out, he informed information station Pics 11. He also noted that in the meantime, the restaurant is urging customers getting the box to grab their order rather than have it provided. As NBC reported Friday, they & rsquo; re still aiming to determine the most effective means to deliver the pizza without using a real box and also hence defeating the whole point. Vinnie & rsquo; s accomplished viral popularity around this moment in 2014 when the shop introduced a pizza topped with smaller sized pizza slices. They also lately created a deadly Royal prince tribute on their food selection board.

Weasel knocks out CERN’s powerful particle accelerator

(CNN)The biggest clinical experiment has gone offline as a result of a foreign intruder.

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, the world’s biggest particle accelerator situated near Geneva, Switzerland, lost power Friday. Engineers who were exploring the outage made a grisly discovery– the charred remains of a weasel, CERN spokesperson Arnaud Marsollier informed CNN.

    Royal Mail threatens to halt deliveries to home of mail-snatching cat

    Couple obtain letter informing them to limit Bella, who has actually been placing mail carriers fingers in danger of injury

    A couple have actually been told to limit their pet cat or face having their mail shipments suspended.

    Matthew Sampson claimed he was alerted by the

    A brief guide to everything thats annoying about Apple

    This week, the tech giant reported its first fall in sales for 13 years. Have we finally fallen out of love with its shiny new iPhones? Not quite but there are some small issues …

    Is this the beginning of the end for Apple? The tech giants inexorable growth has been a given for most of the 21st century but, on Wednesday, Apple reported its first decline in quarterly sales for 13 years: a 13% fall, down to $50bn (34bn). Thats still enough to reduce the UKs budget deficit by half, but, in Apples reckoning, its a catastrophe. Apples share price fell by 8% yesterday, wiping more than $40bn off its value in a few hours. Is the world falling out of love with the Croesus of Cupertino? Even Siri was sounding like an exhausted spin doctor when we asked it for answers.

    Siri, is this the beginning of the end for Apple?

    Interesting question.

    Siri, whats wrong with Apple?

    I cant say.

    Do you actually like Apple?

    Well, perhaps Im biased, but I prefer all things Apple.


    I dont know. Frankly, Ive wondered that myself.

    What are the most common complaints about Apple?

    Let me check on that …

    Actually, save your circuits, Siri. We can tell you exactly why the world is falling out of love with Apple. Weve been storing up these complaints for years. So, why dont you just shut your British/American/Australian, male/female speech unit and listen?

    1 The passwords

    Signing into the iTunes store: Apple ID? Password? User password? Password for this Mac? System admin password? Password for password manager? Forgot? Given up? Gone to get a sledgehammer?

    2 The product launches

    Ramping up every product launch into a TED talk by Cirque du Soleil based on the Sermon on the Mount, even if its just plugging a marginally different phone.

    The new iPhone: Its bigger!

    The new iPhone: Its smaller!

    The new iPhone: Its just the right size!

    The new iPhone: Its the size of an ironing board, but so what? Buy it! Its new!

    3 The endless hardware upgrades

    Thanks to those product launches, we now have cupboards full of obsolete iPhones, iPods, iPads, MacBooks, chargers and cables, plus 30 pairs of white headphones because we always feel like were missing out on something HUGE.

    4 The Green Eggs and Ham approach to software updates

    Install now? Turn on automatic software updates? Remind me later? Try in an hour? Try tonight? Would you update them in a box? Would you update them with a fox? You do not like software updates, so you say? Try them, try them and you may!

    [insert obligatory on The Edge joke] Photograph: Reuters

    5 The U2 album

    The only music Apple ever gave away for free was the album absolutely nobody wanted or asked for.

    6 The price

    The cheapest iPhone is still way beyond the reach of people in poorer parts of the world places whose phone networks are likely to be expensive or unreliable, if they exist at all. Even in the UK, you can buy a basic mobile phone for as little as 10; the cheapest iPhoneis currently 359. Way to bring the world together.

    7 Theyre too cool for tills

    Instead of a tried-and-trusted checkout wherewe can quietly queue with some decorum, Apple stores force us to seek out that smug, snotty-nosed blueshirt whos lingering somewhere on the shopfloor with an iPad.

    Ive only come in to use the internet. Photograph: Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

    8 The ubiquitous ringtone

    The chime of Old Phone now triggers a Pavlovian response, causing everyone within earshot to imagine its a call for them. Even when you could have sworn you switched your phone to silent.

    9 iPhone repairs

    No matter whats wrong with your iPhone, or how tiny, it costs at least 200 to fix. Dodgy home button? 200. Wont restart? 200. Cracked screen? A bargain at 100.

    10 The rip-off accessories

    Need a new power adapter because that magnetic bit on the end broke when it got bent back too much? How much, Apple Store? 65! Plain black phone bumper that you could get down the market for a fiver? 25!

    11 The constant iTunes revamping

    Every upgrade of iTunes becomes a game of hide and seek. How do you make a playlist now? Wheres recently added? No, I dont want to start a sodding three-month free trial of Apple Music.

    12 The utopian demos

    Our photos and videos never feature people with happy dogs surfing around the world and going hiking with kites on beautiful mountains, like they do in all your take the tour demos. Couldnt you give us a slideshow of babies crying, and piles of washing up?

    13 The Apple Watch

    It sucks and Apple wont admit it. It wont even release sales figures for it, lumping it in with Apple TV, iPod and accessory sales which were one-tenth of those of iPhones.

    Is Apples time over? Photograph: Robert Galbraith/Reuters

    14 Apple TV

    The future of television? Also known as Another expensive box that does nothing all your other expensive boxes cant do already, but has an Apple logo on it.

    15 Mac lag

    Our old MacBook takes longer to wake up every morning than we do.

    16 It is more controlling than Prince was

    We know weve paid for the entire Prince back catalogue at some stage, but iTunes wont let us listen to it without negotiating an assault course of synching protocols, passwords, user settings, menus, helpdesk chatbots and, finally, Googled explainers.

    17 Wet fingers

    Having to wait for 20 minutes after coming out of the shower before our iPhone fingerprint scanner recognises us. Like the clean you isnt the real you.

    18 They have turned into The Man

    Apple has marketed itself as the alternative choice ever since Ridley Scotts 1984-themed Super Bowl ad 30 years ago, but, in the meantime, it has basically become Big Brother

    19 Their hatred of ports

    Apples eradication of USB ports from iPads just rendered all your accessories obsolete (lightning-to-USB adapter: another 15 down the drain). Just like their sealing up of the DVD/CD slot rendered your collections of both obsolete (so you have to buy them again from iTunes). It is now easier to hack the US defence system than get a DVD on to an iPad.

    20 The Smart Battery Case

    Which converts your elegant, slender, hopelessly underpowered iPhone 6 into an ugly, clunky monstrosity of a phone. Because thats what Smart looks like.

    Steve Jobs in 1994. Photograph: KeystoneUSA-Zuma/Rex Features

    21 Their format dictatorship

    You take a picture with your iPhone. You import it to iPhotos. Now you try to attach it to an email. Ha! You cant! Instead, you have to find the photo, save a copy on to your desktop, then attach THAT version. The only way to do it easily is through Apples own Mail application, otherwise known as BlackMail.

    22 Their wealth

    Apple has cash reserves greater than the GDP of most countries, accrued in part by depriving those countries of taxes, and exploitingtheir mineral resources.

    23 Their contempt for humanity

    Bill Gates uses his fortune to cure malaria, Apple uses its fortune to … make bigger fortunes.

    24 Error 53

    How many corporations possess and wield the power to criminally damage their products your products after theyve sold them to you? Apples notorious Error 53 punished users for the offence of going to unauthorised repairers by effectively shutting down their iPhone 6 handsets a practice known as bricking. When a class-action lawsuit threatened, Apple got scared and backed down a practice known as bricking it.

    25 Theyve taken over the music industry

    iTunes paved the way for the low-priced digital music revolution, where artists get a minuscule share of the profits and Apple gets a much larger cut. It wiped out high-street record shops, crippled the music industry, then extracted a ransom from artists to put their music in its virtual shop window. Then it stole Taylor Swift and locked her up in Apple Music, just to rub it in.

    Tim Cook, Apple CEO, in front of a artists impression of its new Cupertino HQ. Photograph: Stephen Lam/Reuters

    26 Their business model is The Circle

    Dave Eggers dystopian novel details autopian-sounding tech corporation whose ambitions extend to every aspect of peoples lives, anticipating, fulfilling and creating their every desire, to the extent that people never need to step outside the closed loop of control. Then find they cant even if they want to. Apple has done its best to dispel such comparisons by building amassive new headquarters in the shape of a circle.

    Read more:

    HTC 10 review: up there with Samsung’s best

    Flagship smartphone finally cuts it at the top end with great camera, good screen, 1.5-day battery life and snappy performance

    HTC, once a smartphone champion, has been struggling in recent years at the top end with handsets that have just missed the mark. But celebrating its 10 anniversary of smartphones manufacturing, has Taiwanese company finally cracked it with the HTC 10?

    Metal on the back, glass on the front

    The back is curved aluminium with chamfered edges that create quite pleasing light reflections. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian

    The back of the 10 resembles HTCs recent top-end phones, with a curved aluminium body and tapered edges that shrink from 9mm to 3mm, making the device feel thinner than it is. The front is all glass, with a fingerprint sensor at the bottom and a relatively large selfie camera at the top.

    Gone are the front-facing speakers and the HTC logo of the One M7, 8 and 9; instead the fingerprint scanner acts as a home button and is flanked by a captive back and multitasking app switcher buttons.

    The HTC 10 is 9mm thick at its deepest point and weighs 161g, which is both thick and heavy compared to the competition. The Google Nexus 5X and Samsung Galaxy S7 are both 7.9mm thick and weigh 136g and 152g respectively. It feels solid and well made, but lacks the luxurious feel of the metal used on the One M8.

    The 5.2in quad HD LCD screen is crisp and bright, but not quite as vibrant as the OLED display fitted to the Samsung Galaxy S7.


    • Screen: 5.2in full quad HD LCD (564ppi)
    • Processor: Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
    • RAM: 4GB of RAM
    • Storage: 32GB + microSD card
    • Operating system: Android 6.0 with HTC Sense
    • Camera: 12MP UltraPixel 2 with OIS, 5MP front-facing with OIS
    • Connectivity: LTE, Wi-Fiac, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, USB-C and GPS
    • Dimensions: 145.9 x 71.9 x 9mm
    • Weight: 161g

    Power without the heat

    The bottom has a USB-C port for charging and syncing and the bass speaker that forms the new BoomSound system with the tweeter at the top of the phone. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian

    The HTC 10 has Qualcomms latest top-end processor, the Snapdragon 820, which is one of the most powerful available at the moment. It handled graphically intensive games, image manipulation and everything else without skipping a beat. The smartphone also has 4GB of RAM, which aided multitasking and coped with having 15 tabs open in Chrome and a load of other apps running in the background just fine.

    The phone got hot while downloading apps, but generally ran a lot cooler than last years smartphones using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. The HTC 10 will be able to handle anything you can throw at it.

    Battery life was good, but not great. It would last around 32 hours between charges, using it as my primary device, receiving hundreds of emails, push notifications and messages, browsing and using apps for around three hours, listening to music with Bluetooth headphones for four hours and the occasional spot of gaming or photography.

    Quick charge support means a full charge takes just over an hour with the right charger.

    Snappy HTC Sense

    The theme store has loads to choose from including standard or freestyle layouts. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian

    HTC modifies Android with what it calls Sense. The 10 comes with HTC Sense 8 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It looks and behaves similarly to any other HTC smartphone, and isnt radically different from the standard Android experience.

    The most obvious bits are HTCs Blinkfeed social news aggregator, which is the left-most pane of the homescreen, and the organisation or arrangement of the icons on the homescreen.

    Instead of being locked into a set four-by-four grid of icons, users can place their icons in any configuration, increase their size or used stickers instead to invoke apps or actions. Full theme support for the homescreen and the rest of the system including the typeface is also available, with a variety of styles available in HTCs theme store.

    Overall, HTC has spent time cutting back. Its removed most of the duplicate apps and concentrated on speed, which is a very good thing. Apps load faster, switching between apps is faster and everything feels very snappy. The HTC 10 is one of the fastest smartphones available, on par with Samsungs best.

    Fingerprint scanner

    The fingerprint scanner doubles as a home button. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian

    The HTC 10 has a fingerprint scanner that doubles as a home button, which like the rest of the phone is fast. Ive noticed its slightly more susceptible to dirt on your fingers than the larger sensors on the backs of Googles Nexus smartphones, but with clean fingers it was almost 100% accurate, and right up there with the best of the rest.


    The HTC camera app is one of the best available, putting enough features within tapping distance with manual controls if you need them. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian

    HTCs cameras have always been interesting but ultimately disappointing. The HTC 10 finally has a camera up to scratch with the competition.

    The rear 12-megapixel UltraPixel 2 camera is very good. Its laser autofocus is fast, its low light performance is excellent, and the images it captures are detail rich and colourful. I found it struggled a bit with colour balance in crummy office lighting, but it excelled almost everywhere else.

    The f1.8 lens also produces very pleasing shallow depth of field images with lovely bokeh effects, without having to resort to software trickery.

    The HTC camera app is excellent, with all the right features within reach and enough manual controls with RAW export for when you want to try something.

    The selfie camera has optical image stabilisation – a first for a front-facing camera – which helped avoid blur in low-light shots. While the images were bright and attractive, looking great on first glance, they lacked fine detail when viewed at full size like most other selfie cameras.

    The selfie camera has optical image stabilisation, which helps remove camera shake, but still isnt anywhere near as good as the rear camera. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian


    • The phone supports Hi-Res audio and personalised sound profiles, but only through the headphones port, not via Bluetooth
    • The rounded back and bevelled edges have some pleasing reflective properties
    • The BoomSound speakers arent as good as previous iterations. Theyre decent, but only on a par with rivals from Google and others
    • The edges of the phone feel rather hard in the hand.
    • The screen has good viewing angles and is easy to view outdoors, but not if youre wearing polarising sunglasses, which blank out the screen in one orientation or the other


    The HTC 10 costs 570 and comes in four colours, shipping in early May.

    For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S7 costs 569, the Google Nexus 5X costs 299 and the Huawei P9 449.


    The HTC 10 is an excellent top-end smartphone. It feels snappy, bloat free and optimised. The cameras are great, the battery life is above average and the screen is good.

    It isnt an exciting phone. Compared to the likes of the curved edged Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the HTC 10 looks a little plain. But thats the point. Its a no-frills, top-end smartphone that gets everything more or less right. HTC has finally nailed a good all-rounder.

    Pros: good battery life, excellent camera, good screen, microSD card support, USB-C, snappy

    Cons: no removable battery, design a bit plain compared to high-end rivals, no front-facing speakers

    Other reviews

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    Sikhs On ‘The Daily Show’ Have Perfect Response For People Who Assume They’re Muslim

    Sikhism is a monotheistic religion that traces its roots back to the Indian state of Punjab. The faith has been part of America’s religious landscape for over 125 years. Despite this long history, Sikhs have often experienced discrimination in America.

    The rising tide of Islamophobia has added another layer of complexity to this issue. In the years since September 11, Sikh Americans have been subjected to hate crimes, harassment, and racial profiling. Some people mistakenly assume that Sikhs are Muslims because of the turbans that some Sikh men and women wear.

    In a sketch for “The Daily Show,” comedian Hasan Minhaj assembled a panel of experts to try to figure out how to combat this prejudice. Minhaj, a Muslim, jokingly suggested that Sikhs should try harder to distance themselves from Muslims.

    “Come on, I mean even Barack Obama was like, ‘Hey, I’m not a Muslim,'” Minhaj said in the clip. “If I were you, I would throw me under the bus so fast.”

    Designer and actor Waris Ahluwalia, who claimed he was kicked off a flight in February because of his turban, told Minhaj that this wasn’t an option.

    “That’s not the way I was raised,” Ahluwalia said in the clip. “That’s why I wear this turban, as a reminder to myself to treat humanity with care and kindness. I’m not here to point fingers…Hasan, you need to lead with love.”

    The turban, or dastaar, is actually a symbol of equality for many Sikhs. There was a time in ancient Punjab, where the faith was founded, when the turban was only worn by kings and royalty as a sign of class status. But the founders of the Sikh religion believed deeply in the equality and royalty of all people, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

    Studies have shown that some Americans are still ignorant about the significance of the turban within Sikhism. In a survey commissioned by the National Sikh Campaign (NSC) in 2014, only 11 percent of respondents associated an image of a turbaned man with Sikhism. On the other hand, about 20 percent said that the man was Muslim and 28 percent said that he was of Middle Eastern descent — even though the majority of Sikhs are of Indian descent.

    The statistics suggest that attacks against Sikhs are often thinly-veiled racism against all brown folk. In fact, the federal government has investigated over 800 incidents since September 11, 2001 involving violence, threats, vandalism and arson against “Arab-Americans, Muslims, Sikhs, South-Asian Americans and other individuals perceived to be of Middle Eastern origin.”

    In the end, the Sikhs on Minhaj’s panel believed that instead of trying to distance themselves from their Muslim neighbors, it was better to stand in solidarity with them.

    Simran Jeet Singh, an Assistant Professor at Trinity University who was featured in the clip, called the segment a “historic” piece for the Sikh community and hopes it will create awareness about his faith.

    “In addition to learning about what it’s like to be a Sikh in modern America, people will also learn about our ethics and our values, including why we are committed to standing against anti-Muslim sentiment, even if it makes our own lives more difficult,” Singh told The Huffington Post.

    Watch the segment on Sikhism above.

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