Heat Holders – Women’s Thermal Converter FINGERLESS Cable Knit 2.3 tog Gloves – One size (Purple)

ladies Heat Holder Cable knit Winter mitten cap Gloves 2.3 tog! Ultra warm Hard to believe but true; Heat Holders have produced a thermal glove that is even softer and warmer than ever before! With a toasty 2.3 Tog rating, Heat Holders Thermal Gloves hold warm air close to the skin to keep your hands warmer for longer. Can be worn Fingerless or as a mitten, simply by undoing the button and folding over the top of your fingers. Ideal for people who need their fingers free for texting, writing or working. Also available in Purple The gloves are made with an advanced, high performance insulating yarn in a classic cable back knitted design, but now have a heavenly soft Microluxe pile lining that has a luxurious feel and captures heat too. You won’t find a softer, more hand pleasing lining anywhere! And, if all that wasn’t enough, an extending foldover cuff can be used as a long protective sleeve for extra warmth in really cold conditions.

Product Features

  • Advanced Insulating Yarn – High performance insulation against cold with superior moisture wicking abilities.
  • Heat Weaver Lining – Is a plush fur like thermal lining that maximises the amount of warm air held close to the skin.
  • Protective Cuff – Improves fit and provides a protective sleeve that hugs the wrist for extra warmth and comfort.
  • Heat Holders Converter Mitt – Heat Holders’ versatile converter mitt can simply fold over the fingers to create a warm and cosy mitten.
  • Heat Holders – Best seller since 2010, providing a wide range of winter thermal products that we provide in the sock snob online amazon store

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Annabis Arthrocann Warming Gel – For Massage of Skin in Areas of Joints, Inflammation, Tendons & Muscles – With Cannabis Sativa Hemp, Colloidal Silver and Omega 3 & 6 (75ml)

Warming gel with hemp and colloidal silver intensively warms the area of application and brings long-term sense of relief during the massage of the skin in the area of joints, muscles, tendons and back.

The product is particularly suitable for local use at the place of the problem during the course of chronic and acute problems of the musculoskeletal system. The gel warms and relaxes strained and cold muscles.
Arthrocann warming gel made of hemp with colloidal silver is enriched with Omega 3-6 unsaturated fatty acids. The gel’s original combination of more than 16 active substances contributes to the rapid onset of relief, improves the blood circulation and warms the tissues. The gel intensely warms the area of application, thus contributing to the regeneration and relief of muscle fatigue after sports and physical exertion. It is suitable for rehabilitation purposes, after operations and sprains.
Arthrocann warming gel is appreciated by women with chronic sense of cold feet. For athletes it is a good complement for muscle warm-ups before sports and for the subsequent regeneration.

Arthrocann Gel – with a functional combination of more than 16 active substances, e.g.:
   • Hemp Seed Extract – for the unique content of the Omega 3-6 fatty acids
   • Horse Chestnut Extract – has an anti-inflammatory effect and accelerates absorption of swellings
   • Common Comfrey Extract – has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves pain and regenerates tissue
   • Common Thyme Extract – has anti-cramp, antibacterial and antiseptic effects
   • Colloidal Silver – has anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal effects; promotes the healing of wounds

Product Features

  • For Massage of Skin in Areas of Muscles, Joints, Tendons & Back
  • Supports Regeneration & Relieves Muscle Fatigue
  • Complements Rehabilitation after Operations & Sprains
  • Warms and Relaxes Cold or Strained Muscles and aids in Muscle Warm-Ups for Sports
  • Contains Hemp Sativa , Colloidal Silver, Omega 3 & 6…

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Arthritis Gloves Copper Infused Compression Golves Relieve Symptoms of Rheumatoid,RSI,Carpal Tunnel,Tendonitis,Typing,Raynaud for Women and Men (1 Pair) – Small

The Material and Craftwork of OpeCking Arthritis Glove
High Performance Copper compression sleeve design for your hand Up to 88% copper-embedded nylon provides excellent support to the muscles and joints of the hand during sports or exercise.

Improve your muscle performance and keep your joints and muscles warm all day with our odor free comfortable nylon fabric that gives you support while still allowing you to retain your range of motion. This is extremely important because by retaining your range of motion, your muscles can continue to work and strengthen.

All day and all night comfort as Copper has been shown to have anti-microbial qualities. If you research copper you will also see how many civilizations have been using it for many years!

Cut off on gloves to let your finger easy to do different activiate such as swiping your smartphone, iPad, house work or anything else you used to do every day.  

Spider shape palm integragte with silicon for anti-slip and easy to clean to designing for atheltics to speedup recovery by stimulating oxygen to improve better blood flow to accelerate injured muscles, joints, tendonitis recovery.    

About Our Gloves
The OpeCking Arthritis Compression Gloves are extremely effective in the management of hand pain and swelling. It prides itself on producing a great product, incorporated with the latest technology and material, as well as providing the most up to date information on arthritis and related hand conditions. 

Conditions beneficial with our gloves include
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Psoriatic Arthritis 
Reactive Arthritis
Raynaud’s Phenomenon
Soft Tissue and Sports Related Injuries
Dupytren’s Contracture

Product Features

  • ✅ Copper Infused Compression Gloves: Helps you alleviate symptoms of arthritis, RSI, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, thumb stiffness, muscle fatigue and gets you the support you need, when you need it!
  • ✅ Designed with open fingertips Relieves but does NOT heal pain: Design for people who are suffering from pain in the hands as a result of arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, stiff or sore muscles, tendons & joints, and more! This copper gloves can’t heal or relieve the pain immediately, you need to wear more hours or days to test out real function.
  • ✅ Copper Infused Nylon(88%) + Lycra Material(22%). Breathable, lightweight and easy to wear, soft elastic brace keeps you dry and comfortable even with prolonged use.
  • ✅ Upgraded Cobwebs Shape Silica Gel: It will not peel off after many times wear and wash;Tight sewing to ensure seam of gloves NOT falling apart.
  • ✅ Preferred Hand Support: 4 sizes to meet your requirements(Small / Medium / Large / X-Large ).If it doesn’t fit,100% money back guarantee.

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Dr. Arthritis – Copper Infused Full Length Arthritis Compression Gloves [PAIR] and Doctor Written Handbook – Excellent Customer Service – GUARANTEED relief from Arthritis Symptoms, Raynauds Disease, Carpal Tunnel & Hand Conditions (XL)

Dr. Arthritis’s premium copper infused compression arthritis gloves help relieve your hands of the troublesome aches and pains associated with arthritis.

From the time we wake up in the morning until the time we go to sleep, we’re working with our hands. Be it making breakfast, working in the garden, or using a computer for hours at a time, our hands are putting in more work than the rest of our bodies. That means they’re more apt to become tired, sore, or suffer from arthritis.

That’s why you need to fight back the pain, stiffness and inflammation with long-lasting relief from Dr. Arthritis’s Copper Infused Compression Gloves. Our gloves, lined with premium copper, help increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain associated with arthritis and other hand conditions.

What’s more, unlike other compression gloves, these gloves offer extended finger compression to cover all but the last joints in the hand; this allows for extended relief while still giving you the freedom to grip, touch and feel. And because they’re crafted with breathable material, you can wear them all-day in supreme comfort.

Key benefits of our compression gloves include:

· Pain Relief, Reduced Inflammation, and Decreased Stiffness

· Increased Circulation and Blood Flow

· Enhanced Recovery After Strenuous Exercise

· All Day Comfort and Support

· Machine Washable and Tumble Dryer Compatible


Each set of our compression gloves also comes with a comprehensive handbook with essential information called the Dr. Arthritis Handbook. You’ll learn about symptoms and treatment for arthritis, hand exercises, and our top 10 tips for arthritis sufferers.

Click “Add to Cart” above and start enjoying premium arthritis relief within 48 hours with Amazon Prime.

Product Features

  • ✅DEVELOPED BY DOCTORS: While other Arthritis Gloves are sized inaccurately, breakdown quickly and made by low-cost manufacturers, the Dr. Arthritis Gloves are developed by Medical Doctors with first-hand experience in managing pain, stiffness and swelling associated with arthritis and other hand conditions. Ultimately, this means BETTER RELIEF for your hands and fingers. 10% of any profits will be donated to the Arthritis Foundation to further research in this field.
  • ✅DOCTOR WRITTEN HANDBOOK INCLUDED: Want to know more about your condition, treatment options available, our best tips, and exercises that can optimise the strength and function of your hands as well as aid recovery? Read our handbook for your complete guide.
  • ✅EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: With all questions answered within 24 hours by a team that includes medical doctors who offer a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee and free sizing exchange, you can purchase confidently knowing you’ll get any support you need.
  • ✅COMFORTABLE COMPRESSIVE COPPER INFUSED MATERIAL: The high quality blend of 88% copper nylon and 12% spandex boasts the highest copper content, optimizing comfort allowing all day wear. SIZING CHART (image 2 on left) allows for optimum fit.
  • ✅MULTI-USE: Whether it’s osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud’s phenomenon, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupytren’s contracture, psoriatic arthritis and even soft tissue and sport-related injuries our gloves will provide symptom relief in style!

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Arthritis Gloves, Finlon Thermal Fingerless Gloves Arthritis Fingerless Gloves For Arthritic Hands Pain Relief (M)

1.Their unique design provided mild compression for warmth and helps increasing circulation, which sudden reducing pain and cosmetic healing. Effective, non-invasive arthritis relief. Relieves your tendons, muscles and joints from arthritis pain by reducing stress on pressure points.
2.Provides mild compression to help control or decrease swelling of the joints. Open fingertips allow freedom to feel, touch and grip. Cotton Lycra allows skin to breathe and keep hands dry. Comfortable to use all day and night.
3.Designed by orthopaedic surgeon. Hand wash cold and air dry. Can be Used all Day or Night.Keeping Hands Warm. Awarded Ease-of-Use Commendation by Arthritis Foundation

Product description
Product name: Arthritis rehabilitation bumps nursing grip gloves
Material: Cotton/Spandex
Small: up to 3.1″ (8 cm)
Medium: up to 3.5 “(9 cm)
Large: up to 4″(10 cm)
Gender: Unisex
Intended Use: Arthritis
Weight: 100g

Package Including
Arthritis rehabilitation bumps nursing grip gloves x 1 pair

Product Features

  • ◆Lightweight, breathable cotton-spandex material: Increases flexibility, relieve pain and inflammation.
  • ◆Effective arthritis and carpal tunnel relief: Cotton-spandex blend embraces the natural shape of your hand with compression therapy support. Reducing pain and cosmetic healing.
  • ◆Reasonable finger open design: Opening is set at optimal length to provide perfect balance between beneficial compression support and finger / thumb mobility. Perform everyday tasks like using phone, typing, cooking and more without interference.
  • ◆All day wear: Allow you to wear the gloves comfortably all day long. Temperature regulating – retains heat to soothe hands and knuckles without becoming stuffy.
  • ◆100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We know we make the best compression glove for arthritis.

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20pcs Summer Sport Elastic Arthritis Trigger Finger Sleeves Braces Knuckle Compression Protector Prevent Calluses(10Black&10Blue)

Finger sleeves suite for sport and keyboard worker and video game player.
Suitable Sports: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Video gaming Keyboarding Basketball Volleyball Baseball Boating Badminton Golfer Tennis GYM

Product Features

  • Package included:10 XBlack finger sleeves10 XBlue finger sleeves
  • Easy slide them on, slide them off. Fit for most people.
  • Care tips, hand washing or machine washing with cold water ,air drying.
  • Made by nylon, spandex and gelatin silk ,flexibility and breathable fabric.
  • The thumb brace can effectively provide cushion and reduce the pressure on fingers when the finger joints poke between the balls or ground, and thus avoid arthritis in fingers and reduce the thumb pain of users. Users wear this finger support in sports activity feel much safer.

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New Finger Immobilising Splint with Soft Foam – Ideal for Broken / Fractured Finger or Thumb, Arthritis – Trigger Finger – Frog Mallet / DIP Joint Protection Injury Pain Foam Brace by Solace Care (S)

Solace Care Toad Finger Splint

The toad finger splint is useful for Immobilize sprained finger, mallet finger, volar plate injury as well as stable finger fractures. The toad finger splint stabilize the phalange joints in position.

What is the Solace Care Toad Finger Splint?

The toad finger splint has a mouldable foam design to ensure it can be individually shaped to provide enhanced support and comfort whilst the finger naturally heals.

How does the Solace Care Toad Finger Splint?

The toad finger splint helps finger immobilise comfortably in extension, so that the finger is rested in best position. The finger splint prevent from flexion contracture which can delay finger mobility later down the healing process.

Always recommended to consult your medical physician if you suffer from any medical conditions before using any relief products.

Product Features

✓ Made of malleable aluminum with foam padding

✓ Easy application and removal

✓ Available in three sizes S, M and L.

✓ Retains heat to relieve finger pain.


✓ SMALL: ——– 5.4 cm

✓ MEDIUM: —– 7.0 cm

✓ LARGE: ——– 9.5 cm

Suitable for both left and right hand fingers.

Product Features

  • WHAT IS THE SOLACE CARE TOAD FINGER SPLINT? The toad finger splint is deal for Broken, Fractured Finger or Thumb, Arthritis, Trigger Finger, Mallet Finger, Post Op, Immobilise the Distal Interphalangeal Joint. The toad finger brace (Frog) made from malleable aluminium with soft breathable foam to add comfort to finger injury.
  • HOW WILL THE SOLACE CARE TOAD FINGER SPLINT HELP YOU? The toad finger splint can be adjusted to desired position to fit any finger or thumb. The toad finger splint is made for intended to be kept on protection and immobilisation to enhance healing.
  • FEATURES: The Mallet Finger is most commonly known as Basketball Finger.The toad finger uses for treatment of injured finger to immobilise the tip of the affected finger in a special splint. The biggest advantage of this finger splint is that it maintains interphalangeal joints in correct position.
  • IDEAL FOR: The toad finger splint can shaped according to your fingers anatomy. The splint is made of malleable Aluminium that allows to shape it into a secure sleeve covering the tip of injured finger including the last joint of the finger.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: The ttoad finger splint provides compressive support to unstable finger injuries and provides immobilization of the injured finger. Suitable for use all day and night for around the clock relief.

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COPPER HEAL Arthritis Compression Gloves – BEST Medical Copper Gloves GUARANTEED to work for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, RSI , Osteoarthritis & Tendonitis – Open Finger Size M

COPPER HEAL, simply the best copper glove in the market! High quality materials for best results and satisfaction

Copper Heal is made out with the best quality materials. Our products have the highest copper content on the market with 88% Copper Nylon and 12 % Spandex. They will help you recover soon by stimulating the blood circulation and help remove the lactic acid.

Use our products with confident to heal yourself. It will help you recovery of injured joints, tendons, muscle and arthritis. Wear it while playing sports, at home, at work… It will relieve the pain and heal you.

Made with 88% Copper Nylon 12% Spandex 100% Latex-free

Machine Wash Cold, Delicate Cycle

With Like Colors. Tumble Dry Low


Approved Benefits:

– Reduce Inflammation

– Relieve Soreness

– Stimulate Blood Flow

– Stimulate Oxygen Delivery

– Faster Recovery


Measure with your hand open, across the palm of your hand right below your fingers

Small (S) = 2.4 – 2.9 inches

Medium (M) = 3 – 3.4 inches

Large (L) = 3.5 – 4 inches


Product Features

  • ✔ RELIEVE PAIN: Alleviates muscle stiffness and soreness; helps to relieve from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis and other pains. COOPER HEAL gloves provide mild compression for warmth that increases blood circulation, which ultimately reduces pain and promotes healing.
  • ✔ QUALITY MATERIAL: Our COOPER HEAL Compression Gloves are made of 88% copper nylon 12% spandex. Our manufacture are the only ones who has copper patent.
  • ✔ BENEFITS: Our COOPER HEAL gloves infused fabric has high copper content and outstanding anti-bacterial function, after 40 times of washing, it still can kill >=99.9% bacterials. It is Odor Free! The copper embedded nylon helps stabilize muscle tissue, keeping the swelling of muscle fibers at a micro level and reducing pain.
  • ✔ WEAR THEM 24/7: Our comfortable, practical and unisex design is made to be worn all day. Get all your daily work done while healing your hands with the COOPER HEAL gloves !
  • ✔ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: COOPER HEAL products are guaranteed to work and last. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the product, we will give you a full refund. Buy with confidence!

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Latest Jar Opener – Lifetime Replacement Warranty – Rated No.1 Kitchen Gadget To Remove Stubborn Lids, Caps and Bottles – Designed For Weak Hands, Seniors, Arthritis – Ideal Gift For Women or Elderly

Sometimes Feel Frustrated And Annoyed When You Can’t Open Bottles And Jars?

Never Have The Need To Ask Someone Else To Open A Canning Jar For You Again With Just One Purchase!

– Have you ever experienced that feeling of annoyance when all you want to have is a glass of wine, a beer, a soft drink or simply want to prepare a lovely meal. You have all the ingredients lined up and you can\’t open the bottle, cap or jar?
– Do you hate always having to have someone else around to help you open jars and bottles?
– Do you crave a handy little gadget that will give you the independence and freedom you desire?

Ergonomically And Intuitively Designed Jar Opener

This cool little kitchen gadget will make life easier for everyone. Seniors, those with limited or weakened hand mobility and those with arthritic hands will especially love the easy twist opening, non slip grip and excellent rubber inside grip which helps open even the most stubborn jar and bottle lids.

Compact, Convenient And A Dream to Store. This Simple, Practical Jar Opener Is A Fantastic Gift At Any Time Of The Year!

– Housewarming Present, Thanksgiving Gift, Christmas Stocking Stuffer or Birthday Gift this jar opener provides the perfect present for family and friends.
– Compact and colorful, it will fit in with any kitchen design and can be conveniently stored in a cutlery drawer or hung on a hook. You may even want to take it with you when your travel just like the clever cutter
– Simplicity of design, no need for instructions and extreme flexibility of use makes this a must-have for any kitchen.

‘Add to Cart’ Now and have your Jar Opener set in a matter of days.

Product Features

  • Our Jar Opener will last your lifetime. We offer a 100% Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee. You won’t get this lifetime guarantee from other kitchen brands. Try It RISK FREE Today!
  • OPEN DIFFICULT JARS – Eight sizes of circular openings provide a secure grip for a wider variety of containers than metal tools. Rubber sidings grips tight to slippery surfaces, and it’s lever action gives anyone the strength to open any lid with our jar grippers.
  • 10x MORE LEVERAGE – Ideal for those with limited hand strength mobility, the elderly or arthritis sufferers who struggle to open lids and jars. This is your solution!
  • DISHWASHER FRIENDLY – Easy to clean store and safe to put in the dishwasher. Our buyers have rated our jar openers as one of the best kitchen utensils and appliances sold on Amazon.
  • MAKES A PERFECT GIFT – Makes the perfect gift for all ages. If you’re a Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Men, Women or your friends who struggle with jars, this is the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

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Full Finger Gloves, Transer® Man Women Knit Wool Gloves Unisex Winter Keep Warm Mittens Touch Screen Gloves (Grey)


100% brand new and high quality.

Quantity: 1Pair Gloves

Material: Acrylic

Size: 20.5*12cm

Selection of fine woolen yarn, comfortable, soft.

Style: Winter Gloves

These knitted gloves are perfect accessory to keep your hands warm during the cold winter season.

Package Content: 1Pair of Kids Gloves

Product Features

  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: 20.5*12cm
  • Great pair of gloves for the office, keep you warm while your fingers can still function well. You’ll like it very much.
  • Package Content: 1Pair of Baby Gloves

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