Premium Multifunction Jar Bottle Soda Can Opener for Any Sizes Squeeze Bottle Opener Slip Resistant Grip Ideal for Weak Hands and Seniors with Arthritis


Product Name: Bottle Opener Set

Material: silicone + stainless steel

Size: about 22.5 * 9CM + 14.5 * 6CM/8.86 * 3.54+5.71 * 2.36in

Uses: Multi-function non-slip can opener bottle opener corkscrew

Packing list:

Corkscrew Set * 1 (2PCS)”

Product Features

  • MUST-HAVE PREMIUM JAR AND BOTTLE OPENER — The Jar and Bottle Opener’s premium design saves you from wear and tear on your fingers and wrists while allowing you to easily open any bottle, jar, or can.Our Jar and Bottle Opener is designed to be versatile so you can effortlessly open all kinds of tight jars, cans, and bottles without sacrificing kitchen or storage space.
  • THE MOST VERSATILE KITCHEN GADGETS, NO MORE ACHING HANDS AND FINGERS — It’s difficult for seniors and arthritis sufferers to complete everyday tasks, especially while cooking. This amazing set enables you to open any jar, can or bottle by exerting minimal effort and putting NO extra stress on your fragile hand joint and ligaments! Effortlessly screw off caps from beer bottles, water bottles, sports drinks and any other drinks stored in capped, plastic or glass bottles!
  • THE MOST VERSATILE KITCHEN GADGETS — This ingenious kitchen gadget makes a great living aid for seniors with arthritis or the elderly with low strength. Can also be a gift for your babies to exercise their hands-on ability.
  • EASY TO USE — Easy hold, non-slip, ergonomic handle. It can be so hard to open the lid of a jar. Whether it’s just a hard-to-open jar or tired hands, arthritic hands, weakness caused by any myriad of reasons, this “Easy Open” Bottle and Jar Opener is the solution!
  • SUPER EASY TO CLEAN AND EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE — Experience unmatched comfort with our Premium Jar and Bottle Opener. Dishwasher Safe which allows for super easy cleaning.

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WAOBE Finger Fracture Fixing Brace – Joint Dislocation Sprain Rehabilitator Orthopedic Comfort Breathable Elastic Cloth

Product Name: Finger fracture fixation
Product material: Breathable fabric+ Elastic fabric+Aluminum alloy support+Velcro
Product color: Black
Strengthen the finger-fixing protection cover, and the four fingers of the index finger, middle finger, little finger, and ring finger can be used to recover from fractures and dislocations.
Containing thicker and longer metal bar support, it can be fixed more firmly and protect the more intimate universal magic buckle. It can freely adjust the tightness and position. More comfy with a velcro at the palm of your hand.
Suitable for people:
A: Hammer finger
B: Refers to the section at the end of the strain, dislocation and fracture
C: Extensor tendon rupture
Product Merit:
A: protecting end bending upwards, the damaged knuckles are straight up, at the end of the support and fixed finger won’t work straight shape, protection and prevention of finger injury again.

Product Features

  • ■ The Finger Splint designed to help relieve finger pain and reduce swelling caused be sprains, jams, strains as well as arthritis. The finger splint adjusts to all finger sizes.
  • ■ FEATURES: The finger splint immobilize the DIP joint in order to allow the finger to heal in the correct position and reduces risk of future reinjury.
  • ■ The Finger Splint is made of plastic shaped as a well secure sleeve covering the tip of the finger including the last joint of the finger.
  • ■ The finger splint provides support against heat generating liniments or ointments. Protects, promotes healing quickly and finger injury recovery. Customized fit for better protection on finger injuries.
  • ■ Finger splint is injection moulded to high tolerance providing ultra smooth edge for patient comfort. The injury occurs when the tip of the finger has taken a hard impact forcing the tip of the finger down resulting in over stretch in the extensor ligament

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Forfar 1 Pair Anti Arthritis Memory Foam Comfortable Shoe Foot Pad Insole Arch Support Pain Relief Men Women

100% brand new, high quality.
Fits all sizes of shoes men’s and women’s (unisex)
Insole can be cut to size to fit any shoe!
Reduces discomfort, relieves pressure on the ball of your foot, bunions, swollen feet and joints.
Comfortable and relaxed with the insoles in your shoes

Item: Shoe Insole
Gender: Unisex
Color: White
Material: EVA memory sponge
Size: length: 30cm, width: 9.5cm, thickness: 2cm
Quantity: 1 Pair

The size may have some deviations due to manual measurement.
And the photo color may differ a little due to different computer monitors or other factors.
Thank you!

Product Features

  • Economical and Practical:Fits all sizes of shoes men’s and women’s (unisex)
  • EASY TO USE:Insole can be cut to size to fit any shoe!
  • STRONG FUNCTION:Reduces discomfort, relieves pressure on the ball of your foot, bunions, swollen feet and joints.
  • Material: EVA memory sponge
  • Size: length: 30cm, width: 9.5cm, thickness: 2cm

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The Crickets Have Arthritis

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2 Pieces Knee Compression Sleeves, Knee Support Brace Knee Protectors for Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis, Meniscus Tear, Sports and Injury Recovery Circulation Improvement (Medium)

Come with 1 pair (2 pieces) knee support brace, protect your knee when you do some sports, relieve the fatigue, reduce the damage condition when bumping, striking, hammering to some extend

Proper compression tightness
The compression sleeves are comfortable to wear. Alleviate the load for knee instability. Your knee will be stable when you wear them. They will not too tight to affect the blood flow.

Sport knee protector
The material is comfortable and reliable, non-slip. Good for workout, jogging, running, football, cycling, weight lift. Good accessories for people who indulge in doing sport.

Small: elasticity is from 14.5 to 17 inch
Medium: elasticity is from 17 to 19.5 inch
Large: elasticity is from 19.5 to 22 inch
Fiber contents: 65% polymide and 35% spandex

Package contents:
1 Pair knee brace (2 Pieces)

Product Features

  • Come with 1 pair (2 pieces) knee support brace: light weight design makes your sleeve easy to wear under jeans, providing good stabilizer support, keeping the joint warm, while helping avoid stiffness and tears
  • Anti-slip elastic support material: compression sleeve offer stable compression; No slipping, no rolling off, no sliding down; No need to readjust them; They will stay put; Good knee support without itching
  • Comfort for everyday wear: light, soft and washable material; Alleviate the load for knee instability; Allow your knee to have full mobility and comfort; Unisex and can be worn all day
  • Pain relief: good support for the knee with the right tightness, it can reduce rubbing, bumping, suitable for people who indulge in doing sport, good for injury recovery, runners and jumpers, arthritis, tendonitis
  • Guarantee: we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, without any questions asked; Note: there are 3 sizes for your selection

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Arthritis Diet: A Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide with Top Recipes

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Doctor Developed Full Fingered Arthritis Compression Gloves (Grey) and DOCTOR WRITTEN HANDBOOK – Soft with Mild Compression, for Arthritis, Raynauds Disease & Carpal Tunnel (M)

Dr. Arthritis’s premium full-length compression arthritis gloves help relieve your hands of the troublesome aches and pains associated with arthritis.

From the time we wake up in the morning until the time we go to sleep, we’re working with our hands. Be it making breakfast, working in the garden, or using a computer for hours at a time, our hands are putting in more work than the rest of our bodies. That means they’re more apt to become tired, sore, or suffer from arthritis.

That’s why you need to fight back the pain, stiffness and inflammation with long-lasting relief from Dr. Arthritis’s Compression Gloves. Our gloves, lined with premium cotton and spandex, help increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain associated with arthritis and other hand conditions.

What’s more, unlike other compression gloves, these gloves offer extended finger compression to cover all the last joints in the hand; allowing for extended relief. And because they’re crafted with breathable material, you can wear them all-day in supreme comfort.

Key benefits of our compression gloves include:

· Pain Relief, Reduced Inflammation, and Decreased Stiffness

· Increased Circulation and Blood Flow

· Enhanced Recovery After Strenuous Exercise

· All Day Comfort and Support

· Machine Washable and Tumble Dryer Compatible


Each set of our compression gloves also comes with a comprehensive handbook with essential information called the Dr. Arthritis Handbook. You’ll learn about symptoms and treatment for arthritis, hand exercises, and our top 10 tips for arthritis sufferers.

Product Features

  • ✅DOCTOR WRITTEN HANDBOOK INCLUDED: Want to know more about your condition, treatment options available, our best tips, and exercises that can optimise the strength and function of your hands as well as aid recovery? Read our handbook for your complete guide.
  • ✅EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: With all questions answered within 24 hours by a team that includes medical doctors who offer a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee and free sizing exchange, you can purchase confidently knowing you’ll get any support you need.
  • ✅COMFORTABLE COMPRESSIVE COTTON MATERIAL: The high quality blend of cotton nylon and spandex optimises comfort, allowing all day wear. See SIZING CHART (image 2 on left) for optimum fit.
  • ✅MULTI-USE: Whether it’s osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud’s phenomenon, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupytren’s contracture, psoriatic arthritis and even soft tissue and sport-related injuries our gloves will provide symptom relief in style!
  • ✅DEVELOPED BY DOCTORS: DEVELOPED BY DOCTORS: While other Arthritis Gloves are sized inaccurately, breakdown quickly and made by low-cost manufacturers, the Dr. Arthritis Gloves are developed by Medical Doctors with first-hand experience in managing pain, stiffness and swelling associated with arthritis and other hand conditions. Ultimately, this means BETTER RELIEF for your hands and fingers. A proportion of profits will be donated to the Arthritis Foundation to further research in this field.

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Not all Disabilities are visible – I have Arthritis safety sticker – Self adhesive vinyl 150mm x 100mm

Not all Disabilities are visible – I have Arthritis safety sticker – Self adhesive vinyl 150mm x 100mm. All signs come with a 5 year warranty.

Product Features

  • Not all Disabilities are visible – I have Arthritis safety sticker
  • Self adhesive vinyl
  • 150mm x 100mm
  • Remove backing film and apply to dry, smooth, oil free surface.
  • Digitally printed and laminated for extra durabillity

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3M EM550GPL Optical USB Ergonomic Wireless Mouse, 3 Buttons – Large, Black

3M EM550GPL Large Wireless Ergonomic Mouse 70005042661 EM550GPL Mice Pointing Devices Mouse

Product Features

  • Clinically proven to reduce muscle strain and discomfort
  • Vertical grip reduces pressure on the wrist’s median nerve
  • Records optically for smoother and more accurate moussing
  • Optical sensor has no moving parts to wear out or to clean
  • For right hand use

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King of Flash Adjustable Neoprene Right Shoulder Support Strap Arthritis, Gym, Sports, Brace, Pain Relief, Injury Prevention [One Size]

Key Features:
King of Flash Light Weight Adjustable Gym Sports Single Right Shoulder Brace Support Strap Wrap Belt Band Pad for Men and Women

1. Lycar fiber, Spandex Shoulder Support Brace
2. Adjustable elastic single shoulder support, one size fits Most.
3. Effective warming support for the treatment and prevention of injuries to the shoulder. Lighter weight helps relieve pain caused by shoulder pulls or strains.
4. Relieve from overuse injuries, strains and damaged muscles, frozen shoulder, good for Arthritis and Rheumatic Pain.
5. This single shoulder support is great for all sporting activities and everyday use by men and women.

Colour: Black
Package Included: 1pcs Right Shoulder Support.

1. Do not bleach.
2. Use cold water hand washing or washing machine washing.
3. Don’t use the washing machine dehydration; hot water washing is not available.

Product Features

  • BREATHABLE NEOPRENE: Ideal for active users, this support is designed to keep you cool and comfortable in all circumstances.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE: Can be worn on the right or left shoulder. A strap allows you to customize the fit of your brace to your exact requirements.
  • EXTRA-STRENGTH ADJUSTABLE STRAP: We use the highest quality latching material on the market to prevent discomfort and constant readjusting.
  • COMPRESSION THERAPY: This support provides gentle compression to the shoulder, helping to increase blood flow and reduce recovery time.
  • King of Flash GUARANTEE: We stand by our products with excellent customer service and a 30-day warranty.

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