MedicHelp® One Size Adjustable Mallet Finger Splint With Innovative Foam For Maximum Comfort | Designed in the UK

Help injured digits recover much faster with the MedicHelp Medical Finger Metacarpal Brace. Specially designed to provide support to the middle & distal phalanx bones, it is equipped with several features to make your recovery period much more comfortable.

The open shape design of this flexible finger brace features mesh fabric with initiative foam for comfort and breathability. This prevents your finger from getting too sweaty due to wearing the brace. The hard plastic edges were formed using a heat compression technique that has a smooth finish which won’t scratch the skin. Ideal for all finger sizes due to its flexible and ergonomic shape, this brace is lightweight and small making it easy to wear every day. The plat is pre-bent to easily conform to any finger shape while a Velcro strap help keep the brace in place securely. This allows the bone to settle in allowing the healing process to begin.

Made with the precision of German machines, the MedicHelp Medical Middle & Distal Finger Metacarpal Brace is a great accessory to help heal injured fingers. It is excellent for use at home and to bring along on travels, so you’re always prepared for any emergency.

Reducing risk of surgery and reducing pain. Splinting is necessary as a conservative treatment before surgery and, if fails to completely remedy the problem, it is required again after surgery to prevent joint contractures which also help with pain management. Splinting alone has a high success rate – reducing the need for injections and surgeries. MedicHelp splint feature a new innovative foam for maximum comfort, excellent breathability and grip. The MedicHelp 100% money back guarantee means that if you don’t like our product we will refund your money – No questions asked! ADD TO YOUR SHOPPING CART NOW

Product Features

  • ONE SIZE FITS 4 FINGERS – Special durable aluminum material can be shaped according to the patients’ injured digits. The bending plate allows for easy adjustments. Fits Index, Middle, Ring & Little/Pinky fingers left and right hand
  • BETTER RECOVERY – Allow for better healing and use during the day and most importantly during the night to treat conservatively to prevent surgery and/or for pain relief after surgery
  • INNOVATIVE FOAM – We know how uncomfortable and itchy splinting can be, that’s why our R&D team developed a highly breathable and gentle foam for the the skin. Comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • CONVENIENT COMPACT DESIGN – The lightweight and small design can be brought along anywhere and isn’t bulky to wear. Velcro strap allows for easy on and off
  • CASH-BACK GUARANTEE – We struggle after 100% customer satisfaction always. That’s why if you don’t like our product we offer you Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

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