MedicHelp® Adjustable Finger Splint For | Trigger Finger | Mallet Finger | Fractured/Broken Finger | Straightening Curved & Locked Finger | Tendon & Pain Relief

Finally A Finger Splint That Was Designed For Your Comfort & To Last!

Do you suffer from Trigger Finger, Mallet, Broken, stenosing or tenosynovitis finger?
Are you sick and tired of finger braces that break almost immediately and don’t even provide the support you were looking for?
Are you lookingfor a premium quality finger support strap that is soft, comfortable andmost importantly, effective?
The MedicHelp finger split is everything you’ve been looking for, and more!
The Solution To Almost Any Finger Injury & Pain!
The MedicHelp trigger finger splint was designed to offer you the support you need to recover from your finger injury or find immediate relief from curved, bending or locked finger joints.
The heavy-duty industrial grade plastic brace prevents your joints and tendons from curling or bending which in turn, prevents stiffness, rigidity and pain.
Plus, it’s ideal for thosesuffering from chronic arthritis or tendonitis. Use the finger support brace while sleeping to keep your fingers in a neutral position and wake up refreshed and ready to seize the day!
Straightening Without Straining!
The MedicHelp finger strap provides effective bracing while being comfortable at all times. It fits everyone, regardless of their finger or palm size and thickness and it’s perfect for both your right and your left hand.
Plus Its hook and loop fasteners make the splint easily adjustable to fit you perfectly without straining the fingers.
All-Day Long Comfort
So Scroll Up, Click ‘Add To Cart’And Get Rid Of Your Finger Pain Today!

Product Features

  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT FOR YOUR FINGERS: This ergonomic finger splint will give your injured, stiff, curved or locked fingers the support they need during activity, sleep or rest. This finger brace is ideal for those suffering from 9 different conditions depending on how the finger splint is worn.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR THE PERFECT FIT: Forget about your usual finger braces that are too loose or too tight. The MedicHelp multipurpose finger splint is designed to fit everyone. It can be worn on any finger, thumb, index, middle, ring or pinky and on either hand. The neoprene fasteners with the very durable hook & loop (Velcro) are fully adjustable to provide perfect fit on all fingers.
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT & SUPPORT: The MedicHelp finger brace was designed for your convenience. It is in fact a lightweight durable industry grade plastic brace surrounded by breathable neoprene wrap to provide superior support for stiff or rigid fingers. The durable plastic construction prevents tendons from catching and the joint from bending, promoting healing and reducing pain at the same time.
  • FRIENDLY TO YOUR SKIN: With the outer shell made of breathable neoprene, this finger splint is extremely comfortable and breathable,preventing moisture from building up throughout the entire day and night. Experience immediate pain relief from stenosing, tenosynovitis or trigger finger without stressing or applying pressure to the small and sensitive joints of the fingers.
  • RESULTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We are more than confident that our premium quality finger splint will give the support and comfort you desire. In fact, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with the finger brace. Simply get in touch with us and we will offer you a full refund- Designed in the UK

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