Copper Bracelet for Arthritis – Magnetic – Men or Women PLUS Finger Ring with Magnets

Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Ring & Bracelet Gift Set for Arthritis and Joint Pain Management

This gift set is ideal for any person experiencing arthritic pain in multiple areas. Designed with pure copper and rare earth magnets, it combines powerful, natural, noninvasive healing with practicality effortlessly in an elegant and simple copper band. Created with beauty and practicality in mind, this therapeutic bracelet and ring set will look gorgeous combined with all other accessories, or as statement pieces.

Why Magnets and Copper Therapy?

Powerful magnets worn close to the joints are known to increase blood flow to these joints, delivering curative vitamins and minerals like iron and vitamin C. For those experiencing inflammatory joint pains, this is the perfect solution. Having a proven record of success, magnets have been used in holistic healing for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Chinese medicine.

In addition, copper facilitates the growth and healing of body, including healthy bones and muscle tissue. It acts as a catalyst for proper iron absorption, improved health of connective tissues, and the general health of the hair, skin, and eyes.

The Perfect Gift

Our Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Ring & Bracelet 2 Piece Gift Set comes in a luxurious velvet pouch making it the perfect gift for Mother’s Day,  Father’s Day, religious holidays, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, or any other holiday you need a thoughtful, unique gift for a loved one!

Start healing yourself naturally with pure copper and magnets!

Product Features

  • DUAL PAIN MANAGEMENT for wrists and thumbs to help relieve and recover from some of the pains and symptoms associated with arthritis
  • HIGH-QUALITY RARE EARTH MAGNETS This bracelet and ring set contains 8 high-quality rare earth magnets delivering over 18,000 Gauss. Magnets that are positioned near wrist or finger joints and tendons deliver the maximum effect for relieving pain.
  • ONE SIZE ADJUSTABLE OPEN CUFF to suit most men and women. The bracelet fits most sized wrists at 16.5 cm diameter and the ring fits most thumbs 5.7 cm diameter.
  • MINIMALIST DESIGN perfect for men, women, and anyone else looking for an elegant wrist and finger pain alleviation solution
  • FREE EBOOK included in your purchase detailing magnetic therapy, a 1 year product warranty, and Earth Therapy’s 60 Day Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

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